Sons Of Anarchy's Katey Sagal Is Taking Over Television, Here's The Latest

sons of anarchy katey sagal

Actress Katey Sagal has landed some iconic characters during her career, ranging from the comedic with Peggy on Married...with Children to the dramatic with Gemma on Sons of Anarchy. She's had a handful of jobs on the small screen since her departure from Sons of Anarchy in 2014, but she may soon be all over network TV thanks to a handful of new characters. Sagal was already on board for a big part in a CBS pilot, a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory, and a key role in the Dirty Dancing remake. Now, she's signed on for yet another pilot!

Katey Sagal's new project will be a multi-camera comedy pilot called Superior Donuts. The show would follow the relationship between a donut shop owner and his young employee as they deal with a cast of unusual patrons in a changing Chicago neighborhood. Sagal has been cast as Randy, who is a beat cop whose patrol gives her reason to visit the donut shop regularly. Randy has been on the job for many years, and it would take a lot to throw her for a loop. The character had been played in an initial pilot by Megyn Price, but Sagal will tackle the role if the re-shot pilot leads to a series order for Superior Donuts, according to Deadline. The comedy would premiere in midseason if it lands the order for more episodes.

Superior Donuts is the second CBS comedy pilot to which Katey Sagal is attached. She had already been cast in the single-camera sitcom Furst Born, which would be based on the Australian comedy Upper Middle Bogan. Sagan signed on to play a character named Julie, the family matriarch who also happens to be the lead driver in the family's drag racing setup. Furst Born is slated for midseason consideration, so if both Superior Donuts and Furst Born land series orders, Sagal may find herself in a bit of a scheduling pickle.

Katey Sagal's other two upcoming jobs won't be quite as time consuming. She has been cast as Penny's mom in The Big Bang Theory (also on CBS) when the show returns for Season 10 this fall. It will actually be the second time that Sagal and Big Bang star Kaley Cuoco have worked together as mother and daughter, and it should be fun to see how Sagal fits in with the other parents who have appeared on the sitcom over the years. Sagal will make her grand Big Bang Theory debut in the very first episode of Season 10.

The fourth project for Katey Sagal will take her away from CBS and move her to ABC. She'll play Vivian Pressman in the upcoming TV remake of Dirty Dancing. The original film's Vivian Pressman was a bungalow bunny who caused a lot of trouble for hunky dance instructor Johnny; if the remake's Vivian is anything like the original, Sagal should be perfect for the part.

The future is still uncertain as to how much of Katey Sagal we'll see on the small screen in the near future, but we're hoping for as much as possible. You can officially catch her in her Big Bang debut when the show returns to CBS for Season 10 on Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see when your other favorite shows will be back on the air in the near future.

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