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Sons Of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter Shares First Look At The Spinoff's New Clubhouse

Sons of Anarchy made its last regular appearance in fans' lives back in December of 2014, when the hard-hitting drama's seventh season came to its body-dropping close. It's been a long couple of years for fans who have been hoping for Kurt Sutter's exhaust-filled universe to rev up again in some form, but we now have our first look at the upcoming spinoff being called Mayans MC. And while the shot from the pilot isn't in crisp high-def, it's at least granting us our first peek at a brand new clubhouse.

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I could not be more pumped to witness the beginning of what will hopefully be a long run of SoCal biker shenanigans on FX, and I have no issues with this single image being our only example of what's to come. But a small fuss has to be raised over the shot being in black and white and washed out, rather than something sharp and in full color. I mean, I get that the integrity of the mystery can still be kept intact this way, but the three biggest elements we want to focus on are the hardest to see.

For instance, my favorite thing here is that the door appears to have a stained glass window in the middle of it, and I bet it looks gorgeous with some light coming through. It's clear enough that "Mayans" can be read across the top of it, but I want to see it in all its connotatively religious glory.

While we can see and recognize some of the actors sitting around in the shot, we can't really make out their patches, and no one's cut is seen in full. As well, we can't even make out what's on the table. And as it was made quite clear in Sons of Anarchy, this universe's characters are very particular about all elements of the clubhouse, and the meeting table is of utmost importance. After all, this is where all the biggest decisions are to be made. (At least, the ones with the Club's best interests at heart.) So we'll just assume that there's something really awesome carved into the wood that we can't see because of the lights.

Kurt Sutter is known for keeping a pretty active presence on social media, both when he's working and when he isn't. So it might not be long before he hits up his Instagram account with another fresh look at Mayans MC, perhaps including more pristine shots of stars Edward James Olmos, Richard Cabral, JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Sarah Bolger, John Ortiz and more.

Currently, Sons of Anarchy's Mayans MC spinoff is still in the pilot stages at FX, so it could still be a while before we hear about its future on the network. In the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide to catch up on everything that is definitely heading to your TVs in the near future.

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