Psych's Big Reunion Movie Just Cast Gus' New Love Interest, And It's The Perfect Choice

Fans of USA's Psych have a lot to be excited about, as the crew is getting back together this holiday season for a two-hour TV movie event. The event promises to bring back all the familiar faces we came to know and love over the eight seasons of the series. Now, we know that at least one major new character will appear as well. Gus is getting a love interest for Psych: The Movie, and she'll be played by the the perfect actress: actor Dule Hill's real-life fiancee, Jazmyn Simon. Check out the announcement

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The news that Gus would be getting a love interest for Psych: The Movie was already exciting enough, as the guy went eight seasons with really only one serious lady love. Of course, the focus of Psych was never on the romances of the characters. Still, poor Gus was just unlucky in love for a very long time. Now, it seems that he's done well for himself in the love department in the three years in-universe since the series finale ended and the movie will begin. The fact that she'll be played by Dule Hill's fiancee just makes the entire twist all the more adorable. I don't want to say I said "Awwwww!" at Jazmyn Simon's obvious excitement in the Twitter video, but... I definitely thought it.

Hopefully her character will have a decent part to play in the event. While the focus of Psych: The Movie should be on the characters who we've been waiting years to see reunite, Gus having a love interest after so much time without one deserves some notice. My fingers are just crossed that a plot twist won't reveal that she was the bad guy all along and Zachary Levi's baddie was just a red herring. Gus deserves happiness without discovering that he's in love with a mass murderer. That's no way to celebrate a holiday season.

Jazmyn Simon could definitely play an actual character in the movie rather than simply cameo. She's a TV actress herself, best known for her role as Julie Greane in the first two seasons of HBO's Ballers. Whatever happens in Psych: The Movie, I'm guessing that it won't be anything like what she's used to on HBO.

In Psych: The Movie, we'll see the whole crew back together when an enigmatic villain ruins their holiday plans by going after one of them. They'll need to solve the case, catch the culprit, and then probably join together once more for a happy ending, because surely Psych wouldn't end a reunion we've been waiting for on a sad note, right? Psychos deserve more than an unhappy ending. We'll have to wait and see.

Psych: The Movie won't hit the airwaves until December, so swing by our summer TV premiere guide and our 2017 Netflix schedule to find what you can watch to pass the time until then.

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