The Rock Might Be Going Nude In Ballers Season 2

HBO has never been a network that is shy about nudity. One show that we might expect to see the actors frequently flaunting their birthday suits is the half-hour dramedy Ballers, but star and athlete Dwayne Johnson has so far kept his clothes on. From the looks of things, however, Season 2 might just see Johnson going nude.

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Of course, considering that Ballers is a show about football and finances rather than something more risqué, the lack of nudity so far from the man known as the Rock isn’t necessarily a huge shock. Besides, Season 1 only ran for ten episodes of thirty minutes each. Only so much nudity can be involved when there’s also plot to get through, and Ballers isn’t exactly Game of Thrones when it comes to exposition during sex scenes. Overall, this tease from the Rock that he may be signing away his modesty has made it hard not to be a little bit excited about what changes may be in store for Season 2.

It’s also hard not to feel a little bit bad for the woman who apparently distributes the nudity waivers on the set of Ballers. Considering how many “likes” that the Rock's Instagram post has already gotten, Bianca’s misspelling of “nudity” may give her a certain degree of notoriety. In her defense, she may have been distracted by the thought of The Rock shedding his clothes in Season 2. Who wouldn’t be?

The Rock plays Spencer Strasmore, a former football player who retires from the game due to an injury and attempts to start a new career as a financial manager for current players who find themselves suddenly coming into quite a lot of money. The show was such an immediate hit after its series premiere that HBO renewed it for a second season before the first even got into full swing.

The Rock made his big break in the professional wrestling sphere, but he’s been able to make the transition into acting smoothly enough. Known mostly for roles in films that were fun if not 100% critically acclaimed, Ballers was his first starring gig on the small screen, and it’s a hell of a debut. Ballers has been unlike most other sports series to come before. There’s a sense of realism to the show thanks to HBO managing to use iconic imagery and names of real NFL teams without infringing on copyright law. Still, the show hasn’t been without controversy, thanks to a lawsuit filed against the network as well as Dwayne Johnson and fellow executive producer Mark Wahlberg claiming stolen intellectual property.

All in all, the second season of Ballers looks like it may be even more entertaining than the first. The possibility of the Rock going nude at some point certainly isn’t the only reason to want to tune in, but it doesn’t work against the appeal.

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