Is Lady Gaga Returning For American Horror Story Season 7? Here’s The Latest

The Countess in AHS: Coven

There's few TV shows that are as consistently hyped up and anticipated as American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy's anthology series changes in theme and cast every season, making the annual reveal of the show's theme an event. Murphy also utilizes the same pool of actors for his various projects, so its a mystery as to who is going to pop up on which show over at FX. A recent rumor reported that Golden Globe winner Lady Gaga was going to return for the upcoming seventh season, although it turns out that it wasn't true. Lady Gaga will not be returning for Season 7 of American Horror Story.

This news comes to us from EW, which refutes the claims that Gaga was set to return to AHS for the mysterious seventh season. The rumor stemmed from a photo that "leaked" from a fake piece in Vogue Magazine. Said article claimed she would be returning, and the rumor mill began to grow in fury. She's an international pop star, after all- so the fans are ravenous. Unfortunately, Mother Monster won't be showing up for a third straight season.

Lady Gaga made her American Horror Story debut with Season 5, taking on the lead role of The Countess in Hotel. With Hotel being the first season void of Jessica Lange, it seemed like the pressure on Gaga to carry the series was almost insurmountable. But she played the vampiric hotel owner with style and grace, and her performance eventually earned her a Golden Globe and a viral moment with Leonardo DiCaprio. This was followed by a three episode stint in Roanoke, playing an a witch that had some questionable love scenes with Cuba Gooding Jr..

While news that Gaga won't be appearing in Season 7 is disappointing, it can't be that much of a surprise to those following the singer/actress' career. She's been spending quite a bit of time filming A Star Is Born opposite Bradley Cooper, and I'm sure her schedule didn't coincide with the sometimes grueling hours associated with TV production. Plus she's got the whole international pop star thing going for her too, so Gaga one busy Lady.

And although we won't see Lady Gaga in Season 7 of American Horror Story, we can likely rest assured that she'll be working with Ryan Murphy again in the future. The two clearly have a good working relationship, and with Murphy currently running a gaggle of anthology series on FX, there's no lack of material for Gaga to one day step into. In particular, I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up in a future season of American Crime Story, allowing her to try her take at another type of TV drama. I was betting she would be playing Donatella Versace in Season 3, but that role was eventually given to Penelope Cruz.

American Horror Story: Hotel is currently streaming on Netflix, and we can probably expect Roanoke to arrive sometime in the next few months. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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