More Futurama Is Apparently Happening, But Probably Not How We Expect

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Unbelievably great and unparalleled news, everyone! The TV gods have once more stopped their smiting for a few brief seconds to allow for one of the medium's greatest achievements to once again make its presence known. Matt Groening's cancelled-and-back-again animated comedy Futurama is currently making waves again thanks to a brand new mobile game, and it appears this creative rekindling will result in even more Futurama down the road. But it's not exactly clear what'll happen. Here's how EP and writer David X. Cohen put it.

There are no new TV episodes or movies in the pipeline at the moment... HOWEVER, here and now I promise a different avenue of exciting Futurama news later this summer, no kidding. Keep your expectations modest and you will be pleased, possibly. I am not allowed to say more or I will be lightly phasered.

Someone grab all the wine bottles out of the landfill and call Zoidberg, because we're having a gala now. Futurama is one of those shows whose concept and fast-paced humor fit extremely well within any format, from comic book to video game to fast food wrapper (assuming that one would ever be attempted). So there's little doubt that whatever is being cooked up will be immediately devoured by fans who have waited four years between the Comedy Central cancellation and this week's release of Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. One can only hope that the pipeline is filled with incredible ideas for where to take these characters.

David X. Cohen -- along with Matt Groening and voice stars Billy West and John DiMaggio -- took part in a Reddit AMA promoting the mobile game, and in less time than it takes for Zack Brannigan to make someone uncomfortable, the guys were asked if more Futurama was happening in TV or movie form. And though Cohen's answer is possibly disappointing for anyone with the insane hopes that any big new projects would be revealed on Reddit of all places, his answer implies that more original Futurama content is coming, and that's the kind of good news I don't mind patiently waiting to hear more about.

Barring any TV pickups or movie development, probably the most that Futurama fans can hope for is some form of web-based avenue for the show to live on through. Possibly a series of shorts made for a YouTube page? A new website with new clips, games and images? A Futurama karaoke machine? The sky is the limit here -- a Futurama hot air balloon? -- so guessing likely won't get us anywhere.

With the early years of Futurama no longer a Netflix staple, the world needs more sci-fi hilarity to help us cope with daily drudgery, and while Futurama: World of Tomorrow might sate that need temporarily, our fingers are crossed for something bigger and non-freemium in the near future. While waiting, though, you can check out all the shows heading to the small screen in the coming months with our summer TV schedule.

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