Futurama Is Getting A Live-Action Fan Film, Watch The Fantastic Trailer

Unexpected news, everyone! Your favorite sci-fi cartoon comedy Futurama is coming back! Well, not in its original form or anything, which would pro-o-o-obably be the preferred version, but rather through an all-new live-action fan film that goes far and beyond the Omicron Persei 8 call of duty. Knowing little more than "This trailer is whippee wham wham wuzzle," check out the official trailer for Fan-O-Rama.

Aw, dip! The concept of a fan film may have bad connotations with some people who are picturing D+ knockoffs of Be Kind Rewind sweded flicks, but everyone should now put Cinema Relics' Fan-O-Rama on the other end of that spectrum for some proper perspective. Everything about this trailer is fantastic, and it's almost too unbelievable that there is an actual film to go along with it, and that it all wasn't just created specifically for a 2-minute timeslot.

Where does one even start with this? The Cinema Relics team took one of the most unrealistic cartoons and brought it smack into reality with some outstanding costume designs and clever cost-cutting tech work. Not that it looks like any costs were spared here. Most people would have just focused on maybe Fry and Bender doing their own thing to keep it simple, but not Fan-O-Rama. If it's gotta be done, it's gotta be done better than everything else.

Everybody made it to the party here. (Well, not everyone like Hedonism Bot or Zapp Branigan, but our needs must show restraint.) Bender looks perfect. Leela is a tad creepier than her animated self, but just as badass. The professor's mask is a work of strange art. Fry is...kinda like a dude I went to high school with. And Zoidberg! THERE'S A FRICKING ZOIDBERG HERE. Seriously, as awe-inspiring as it is to see the Planet Express crew, complete with Amy and Hermes, it's the inclusion of the tertiary characters that really gets my nerdgasm going. Nixon's head! Nibbler! HYPNOTOAD!

futurama fan-o-rama

I could really keep talking about this movie as if I was the one that made it and it's mine all mine. The set design is top notch, and I'd be perfectly fine if there were only three or four main locations, since everything looks so awesome as is.

Things haven't been the same for sci-fi TV comedy after Futurama got canceled. Sure, we got to see our beloved characters return for that mildly epic Simpsons crossover episode, but it's not the same. And Fan-O-Rama isn't the same, either, and is in fact something wildly different than most things anywhere. But hot damn, is it something to marvel at. I hope to sweet zombie Jesus it doesn't take 1,000 years to get here, and that there isn't anything standing in its way, like creator Matt Groening, when it does. Head to the film's website to get updates.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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