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Marvel has been known for its astounding secrecy behind its shows, and now Henry Ian Cusick is the latest actor to confirm just how intense that experience can be. Cusick, who will appear in Marvel's Inhumans this fall in the role of geneticist Dr. Evan Declan, expands on the secrecy of Marvel and says the level of secrecy even exceeds that of the set of Lost. Read what he has to say below:

For me, Marvel is way more secretive. When I was on Lost, we were pretty guarded about what we shared. But Marvel is one hundred times more secretive. They're very, very guarded about what you can and can't say. And they'll let you know very quickly.

Henry Ian Cusick tells Screen Rant he learned that the hard way, shortly after confirming a few details to press regarding his character in Marvel's Inhumans. Cusick says Marvel contacted both his agent and manager very quickly, and informed them that Cusick must be very careful of what he says about his character and how he relates to the MCU. Cusick added that the experience really brought to light just how big the MCU is for him, which begs the question to whether or not Cusick could've potentially spoiled something regarding another Marvel property. That's purely speculation, but it seems like an odd statement to make in the middle of explaining how he has to be careful about what he says.

The risk to spoil might be a little greater for Henry Ian Cusick to spill the beans on something big on Marvel's Inhumans, simply because his character is new to the Marvel Universe. From what we've learned of Dr. Evan Declan so far, he seems to be the linchpin in The Inhumans and their journey to Earth. Just knowing he's a human geneticist tells us he'll have some large part to play regarding the discovery of the hidden race, although we still don't know if he's on the good or bad side of Black Bolt and the royal family.

It's crazy to hear that Henry Ian Cusick thinks the secrecy on Marvel's Inhumans is a hundred times more intense considering how well Lost kept most of its secrets from audiences during its entire run. That said, it is likely easier to keep the lid on an original stand alone property as opposed to a connected universe with around a dozen or so actors and actresses giving interviews daily on any one of Marvel's properties. Running a tight ship will definitely ensure most actors stay in line, although inevitably some people will slip up. If they're Tom Holland, they'll slip up to the point they stop getting scripts ahead of time!

Marvel fans will get their first look at Marvel's Inhumans when the first two episodes hit IMAX theaters beginning September 1st and run for two weeks after that. Those not wishing to get the IMAX experience can instead wait for the series to premiere in full on ABC beginning September 29th. Get hype for the new series by checking out our top five moments from the trailer. Those looking to be surprised can instead visit our summer premiere guide and see what's premiering over the next couple of days.

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