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Jessica Jones Marvel Netflix

While fans continue their wait for The Defenders to premiere, interesting developments are coming to light in regards to Season 2 of Jessica Jones. It appears that Jessica is going to be wrapped up in the arms of a new man, as Season 2 will apparently introduce a non-Luke romance for the vigilante. Here's what we know so far about this surprising addition.

Set pictures, which originate from Tumblr, shows Krysten Ritter in character for Jessica Jones Season 2 and locking lips with a curly haired male who almost looks like Adrian Grenier from the back. As cool as it would be to see Entourage's Vinnie Chase in an actual superhero franchise, the fourth picture shows us the profile on an actor who appears to be neither Grenier or a face that's immediately familiar to me. While there's no info on the man in question, it does appear he has an wooing effect on Jones that we didn't see much of in Season 1.

When has Jessica Jones sported any look other than that trademark scowl, at least without her mind being manipulated? No frowns are to be seen here, and in fact, she almost looks downright giddy which is not how anyone would describe her character, even when she was connecting with ex-boo Luke Cage. Could this mystery man be one of the characters we've learned will be added to the roster in Season 2? He does kind of look like a Presley, doesn't he?

It's also possible this guy could be the Oliver addition, whose character description better fits the actor seen in the set photos. It's been predicted this character is actually Marvel character Otis Johnson, who boasts the same indestructible quality that Luke Cage has, but withou the strength. Without getting too graphic, one might see how Jessica would benefit from having another "unbreakable" man in her life, considering her own strength in and out of the bedroom.

There's also a chance this could be a flashback sequence, considering Season 1 of Jessica Jones had quite a few of those moments. Let's hope not, though, as we'd hate to see Jessica's happiness be nothing more than a mind game Kilgrave is orchestrating from the shadows. Krysten Ritter teased that Season 2 of Jessica Jones will have a high binge factor, so could that be related to last season's big villain somehow still caught up in the mix of things?

That answer will have to come later, as Jessica Jones Season 2 has been slated for a release in 2018 on Netflix. Until then, there's still plenty of speculating to be done before and after The Defenders, which releases August 18th. Word has it that the miniseries will definitely impact Season 2 of Jessica Jones, so fans would do well to read up on it. For more on other shows that will be debuting this summer, check out our summer premiere guide.