One Gotham Star Apparently Dropped A Big Spoiler About Season 4

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When Gotham brought Season 3 to a close, it delivered one of the craziest and shock-filled finales of the 2016-2017 TV season, with surprise villain reveals and jaw-dropping deaths. But according to star and future Batman David Mazouz, one of those big moments isn't exactly what we all thought, and he appears to have confirmed the villainous Babs Kean apparently still had some life left in her after being electrocuted and left for dead by Tabitha. When asked to speculate on how Jim Gordon could ever name a future daughter after the maniacal Barbara, Mazouz answered with this.

Maybe she can get good again, and they'll get back together at some point soon.

WTF? I mean, if we're being full-on honest with one another, the chances of Erin Richards' Barbara Kean getting killed off of Gotham in its third season was about as likely as Bruce Wayne growing up to be Green Lantern, since she spent most of the year ascending to the highest ranks of Gotham City's underworld. Sure, putting Babs six feet under would make life a little easier for Tabitha, Penguin, Riddler and any other baddies attempting to be the top dogs in town. But the character is just too important to the ensemble.

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Plus, isn't it somewhat strange that David Mahzouz is offering up would-be spoilers for Babs' survival -- during a panel at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest (via --after already offering up quasi-false spoilers in the middle of Season 3 about Harley Quinn showing up in the big finale? Fans didn't get to see Harley at all, and the closest that the show came to hinting at it was with the very act of electrocuting Barbara, since not only was the character previously rumored to take on the bat-swinging villain's persona, but several of Harley's comic backstories have featured electrocution in them. Still, not the most concrete easter egg.

While it would be pretty fantastic to watch Jim Gordon carrying on an illicit relationship with Harley Quinn, there almost has to be some kind of breakdown in facts there, since Harley won't be the kind of "good" that will get her and Gordon back together. But she's been through enough transitions that a flip back to protagonism might work in the future, (assuming she's still breathing at that point). In any case, it would be intriguing if Jim and Harley had a baby together that they named Barbara, at which point Gotham would likely get moved to a noon timeslot surrounded by all the other soap operas.

So was David Mazouz on the ball in hinting at Barbara's survival, or was he potentially throwing fans off track with his intentionally loose lips? We'll have to wait and find out. Gotham is making a big move to Thursday nights this fall, and you can find Season 4 premiering on September 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when all the other new and returning shows are hitting the small screen soon, check out our summer premiere schedule.

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