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The Worst Game Of Thrones Fan Theory That Kit Harington Has Ever Heard

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Kit Harington has likely heard a ton of bad theories regarding Game Of Thrones, and he may even have some bad ideas of his own. But out of everything that's passed his ears, none have been as bad as one theory Harington shared in an interview recently, and it's a REAL stinker:

They thought that it would all end, and it would pan out and it'd all been a dream. Ghost had been having a dream. Does that make sense? Like Ghost, my direwolf, had dreamt it all somehow and that was his theory and he was dead serious about it. I went, 'Please never become a screenwriter. That is the worst ending.' Can you imagine if it ended like that?

It goes without saying that many people cannot and would not imagine Game Of Thrones ending like that. So, Ghost is having this elaborate dream with multiple character arcs with elaborate back stories woven in and out? Most humans don't have dreams that intricate! Maybe dogs do though, and that's why they sleep all the time...

The direwolf theory seems similar to the infamous Newhart ending, where it was all a dream and nothing was as it seemed. Unlike Newhart though which had The Bob Newhart Show to reference in its finale, Game Of Thrones has no prior show to draw upon, so who knows where this proposed finale takes us? At what point is Ghost dreaming all of this up? Do all direwolves have Emmy Award-winning dreams? And if so, do they also have the typing skills to write some of the spinoffs? While he hates the theory, Kit Harington does tell The Rich Eisen Show that it would definitely be the best way to piss fans of the show off. (It would also be great/awful if that proposed ending then revealed Ghost to be the pet of the autistic boy who dreamed the entirety of St. Elsewhere.)

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It most certainly would, as fans have toiled for months leading up to this Sunday's premiere -- analyzing trailers, predicting character deaths, and placing bets for who will win the great war -- only to be betrayed in such an eccentric way. Hopefully, Kit Harington's outright hatred for this theory, along with all the common sense in the world, are guarantees that Game Of Thrones won't bow out on some weirdo cliffhanger or non-ending that sparks fan discussions that span decades regarding what really happened in the end. It sounds crazy to say, but fans forget just how many great TV shows have concluded without a true resolve, only to be brought back in some way years later, so audiences could finally have an answer.

Game Of Thrones will return this Sunday July 16th at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Fans can bleach their minds of that horrendous direwolf theory by reading this far more interesting theory regarding Ned Stark and how the former head of Winterfell may not actually be dead after all. Those looking for a greater distraction may enjoy taking our quiz which puts your fandom to the test and requires an extensive knowledge of character deaths. Finally, anyone just looking for more great television should head over to our summer premiere guide for the latest information on new and returning shows.

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