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Once again, Big Brother ended this week's episode with an unfinished Head of Household competition. The live feeds came on promptly after the episode ended. If you don't want to know who won Head of Household after the episode ended, read no further!

Ok, there's your spoiler warning!

After about an hour and a half, Alex won Head of Household.

Alex Big Brother 19

We've seen this wall endurance competition a few too many times in the Big Brother series. The houseguests are set up on perches, holding onto something on the wall behind them while they're sprayed with cold water and tipped forward on and off for however long it takes to get them all down. Between that and the swing-carousel, I think it's about time Big Brother retires some of these recycled competitions. Keep OTEV and the spelling comp, but let's find some other way to see how long the Houseguests can hang on.

This one came down to Jason, Elena and Alex. The two houseguests to fall before the final three were Jessica and Dominique. When Jessica dropped, Dominique followed, and I can't imagine the timing was coincidental there. Jason dropped next, after cutting a deal for his own safety. Elena and Alex discussed their own deal, after which Elena dropped, leaving Alex to claim the coveted spot for the week.

This is a particularly exciting turn of events, considering that Alex has been one of the "outsiders" in the house. She chose to stay loyal to Jillian when the majority of the house rallied around Paul and saved Christmas. With that said, Alex has been more than civil to the people who voted against her friend, and she survived the block this week with no votes cast against her, so it's hard to say what she'll do with her power.

Thursday night's live episode of Big Brother was oddly eventful, given how (mostly) predictable the voting was. Christmas became the first houseguest to cast an eviction vote from a hospital room, having just had surgery on her foot on Wednesday. Cody wasn't the first houseguest to change his outfit between his eviction and his exit from the house, but he may very well have been the first costumed evictee to shed his costume before heading out to Julie. And Julie announced some news many of us were kind of expecting. There will be a Battle Back.

Will Cody have a chance to play the game again? Will Cameron have the chance to play the game at all? It could be Jillian, or whoever's evicted next week. We'll have to wait and see.

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