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Will Patrick Stewart ever show up on Legion as Professor X? It's a question few know the answer to. Here's what Dan Stevens said at Legion's panel at SDCC in which our own Nick Venable was present for:

Oh god, Patrick Stewart takes a lot of beating and he did seem interested. He seemed very unaware of the show, but I mentioned that he was my dad, and he seemed pleasantly surprised.

The rumors started shortly after Patrick Stewart swore off playing Professor Charles Xavier following a screening of Logan, only to change his mind shortly after when Dan Stevens asked him to be on Legion during a talk show. Since then, the series has teased his connection to main character David Haller, and it looked like Season 2 of Legion might feature Professor X in some way. Dan Stevens did a great job of giving more information, but it doesn't sound as though we're going to get a solid answer for the time being.

Perhaps Dan Stevens is playing coy, although if ever there were a time to make a major announcement regarding Patrick Stewart joining Legion, one would imagine San Diego Comic Con is the place to do so. With Season 2 of Legion still without a solid release date, it could legitimately be Stevens doesn't know, or that talks are still happening. With the Shadow King still in the world (and with a new actor) it seems as though there will be plenty of time for Stewart to officially make up his mind on whether he'll be present to take on his old foe, provided he's not already on board. Those not familiar with the comics might be interested to know Amahl Farouk (Shadow King) is one of the first mutants Xavier ever met in his travels, and has psychic abilities comparable to that of Xavier.

With or without Patrick Stewart, it does appear that sooner or later Legion will have to bring in the character of Charles Xavier in some way to complete its story. The show really teased his existence in later episodes of Season 1, and the crazy finale only furthered speculation that the X-Men were watching David Haller as he worked out his issues. Maybe if not Stewart, James McAvoy is down to throw on some makeup to look a little older?

Legion is expected to return for Season 2 on FX sometime in 2018. Those curious as to whether or not those subtle X-Men references will keep on going when the series returns should pop over to this article or perhaps this one where Channing Tatum appears really optimistic about his Gambit movie he's been trying to get made. For more information regarding the great shows of the summer and where you can find them, visit our summer premiere guide.

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