James McAvoy Confirmed His Return For X-Men: Dark Phoenix In The Best Way Possible

For a time, it seemed like the main cast of the X-Men movies were going to pass on the fourth installment. James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fassbender were all done in terms of initial contractual obligations, and each seemed a bit aloof about coming back again. That only made the recent announcement that all three could be returning for X-Men: Dark Phoenix all the more surprising. Now James McAvoy has personally confirmed his return as Professor X and he did it with a perfect tease of his character. Check it out below.

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James McAvoy took to social media to confirm that he is indeed returning as Professor Charles Xavier for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Posting a video to Instagram, McAvoy didn't even need to say a word, as he lifted an electric razor into the frame. In the caption, he simply wrote, "he approaches." The "he" is, of course, Professor X and it looks like McAvoy will once again be going bald to portray the character. McAvoy infamously shaved his head for X-Men: First Class before learning that he wasn't going to be bald yet, forcing him to wear a wig during production, so now he's finally going full Professor X.

Fans will remember that Xavier lost his hair in X-Men: Apocalypse, finally becoming the Xavier that fans were introduced to in the very first X-Men movie. He lost it in, admittedly, the dumbest way possible due to a blue Egyptian god man trying to steal his body, but the past is the past. That film was underwhelming, but now McAvoy gets another chance to go out with a bang with his memorable take on the classic character.

Not too much is known about James McAvoy's role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix just yet but the film will adapt the classic X-Men storyline from the comics, wherein Jean Grey is possessed by a cosmic entity called the Phoenix Force, drastically boosting her powers and sending her on a rampage throughout the galaxy. The film will supposedly introduce the Shi'ar Empire, a group of powerful aliens who decide to end the Phoenix Force once and for all. Xavier has a romance with the Shi'ar's empress Liliandra, but seeing as how that character is reportedly a villain in the film (with Jessica Chastain rumored for the part), it remains to be seen if McAvoy will be able to get his flirt on.

Longtime X-Men producer and writer Simon Kinberg is taking over directing duties for the latest X-Men film. Rounding out the cast is James McAvoy. Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, and Sophie Turner as Jean Grey. The film is currently slated to hit theaters on November 2, 2018. To learn everything you can about all the upcoming X-Men titles, click right here.

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