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Season 5 of Arrow ended on a crazy cliffhanger that left the lives of most of the heroes in jeopardy. All of Team Arrow aside from Oliver was on Lian Yu when Prometheus blew it up. Basically, the Season 5 finale ended on a huge downer that had Oliver horrified and clutching his son while all of his friends and loved ones were possibly perishing in a fiery hellscape. Fortunately, the very first trailer for Season 6 has finally been released, and it shows that there's still plenty of ass-kicking left in Oliver and at least one of his teammates when the show returns. Take a look!

Unsurprisingly, the trailer didn't reveal the fates of all the characters whose lives were in jeopardy in the Season 5 finale. We still can't say for sure who of Oliver's allies survived the explosion other than Dinah Drake as Black Canary and Slade Wilson as Deathstroke, and those were two characters who were already pretty much guaranteed to make it to Season 6. The trailer did give us plenty of action to make up for the lack of other characters, however.

Oliver is back kicking ass and taking names on the streets of Star City, and it looks like we might get some seriously epic stunts. He's defying gravity and doing his best crime-fighting parkour in his green leather and hood, and he's not alone in defending Star City. Dinah Drake can be seen in the present as well, and it's clear that we're in for another showdown of Black Canary vs. Black Siren. We still can't say how Black Siren managed to survive the destruction of Lian Yu -- unless Oliver and Quentin decide to rescue her -- but it's obvious that she has a bone to pick with Dinah after the events of their last showdown. The rest of the survivors of Team Arrow are presumably fighting the good fight as well; we just can't see it yet.

That said, Oliver looks pretty devastated in one of the glimpses of post-explosion Lian Yu, which could point to one of his friends being seriously injured or even killed. David Ramsey's comments at San Diego Comic-Con indicate that John Diggle will be profoundly affected by whatever happened, and an injury to Diggle could definitely give Oliver cause to look truly upset. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long in the premiere for the flashback to show what exactly happened.

The present day scenes in the trailer make it quite clear that William didn't perish on the island while Oliver attempted to find survivors, which is at least proof that Arrow isn't getting so dark that it'll kill off a hero's kid in a premiere episode. The present day scenes indicate that William isn't Oliver's biggest fan, which makes sense. The poor kid seemed to have a pretty great life in Central City before Oliver showed up. Only time will tell if father and son manage to bond in Season 6.

The new season of Arrow will premiere on The CW in the fall on a new night. Check out our rundown of what we know so far about Season 6, and stick around CinemaBlend for the latest San Diego Comic-Con coverage.

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