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Big Brother's routine was shaken up over the past few days, as CBS crammed in a Friday night episode to reveal the results of the Battle Back competition. The live feeds returned after Friday's episode, and we now know who won Head of Household, who they nominated, and who won the Veto. If you want to wait until the episodes reveal that information, read no further!

Ok, here's how everything is breaking down right now...

Head of Household:


Originally nominated:



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Won the Veto:


Veto used?

Not yet. The Veto Ceremony hasn't happen yet, but as of Saturday, it doesn't seem like Jessica plans to use it. She wants Josh out, and thinks she has the votes to make it happen with Ramses up next to him.

The Head of Household competition took place before the feeds came back. We learned Jessica was Head of Household after the Battle Back episode. She nominated Josh and Ramses. Her main target appears to be Josh.

Jessica won the Veto, and as of right now, she doesn't plan to use it. She believes she has the votes to get Josh out, so there's no reason to make waves.

Unbeknownst to Jessica, Paul is actively trying to secure the votes to keep Josh. He's doing this very quietly in order to keep the Veto from being used, but it seems like he's trying to set the situation up to be a(nother) blindside. The case he's making to Matt and Raven is that Jessica and Cody are making a mistake for not targeting them now while they can, and they need to capitalize on that now. I also think he sees Josh as a safer bet for loyalty down the road, where as Ramses -- despite being a bit on the outside of everything -- is more strategic.

Of course, all of this relies on Josh being able to keep his cool, at least until after the Veto ceremony.

As much as I love a good blindside, I don't know that Paul's making the right move here in planning it to be a surprise on eviction night. It makes sense that he wants to keep Josh and get Ramses out, but does it need to be a blindside? There's a temptation in play (the halting hex, which people believe Jessica has), and an undisclosed punishment for the temptation. The Battle Back wasn't it, so there may be a major twist on the way that the houseguests don't know about. Plus, he's taking a major risk in orchestrating this before the Veto Ceremony. If Jessica and Cody catch wind, they'd have a solid excuse to put Paul up next to Josh.

This is not to say that Paul or anyone should be playing a super-safe game right now, but I don't know that I see the point in re-dividing the house. I'm not even sure Mark and Elena are in on this plan or will be by the time eviction happens. Josh won't need their votes if he has Alex, Jason, Christmas, Paul, Matt and Raven. I assume Kevin will be involved, but I haven't seen him in conversations yet.

Jessica has the halting hex, but even if she catches wind that the tables might have turned on her plan to get Josh out, I don't see why she'd use it to stop the eviction. That wouldn't really fix anything for her, and she'd lose her chance to prevent herself or Cody from being evicted, if either (or both) are targeted the week after.

Right now, Jessica thinks she and Cody are making the right move, not only in targeting Josh, but also in not using the Veto and demonstrating that they're sticking to "the plan." The problem is that, their plan isn't in tune with the rest of the house right now, and I don't know that they see that.

And of course, it needs to be pointed out that it's still very early in the week. The Veto Ceremony hasn't taken place as of this writing, but even if the nominations stay the same, there's still plenty of time for things to turn around. It's also entirely possible that Jessica and Cody have a super secret, unspoken (on the feeds, since they came back anyway) plan to backdoor Paul, but I would be surprised if that happened. I would think they'd try to secure at least some votes before nominating Paul this time around, given what happened with the Christmas blindside nomination.

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