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In Legends of Tomorrow, nothing is off limits, and both anything and any time can happen. Going into Season 3, our zany band of heroes will deal with the consequences of a broken timeline, and it sounds like the effects of this incident are responsible for key historical figures ending up in the wrong eras. During San Diego Comic-Con, Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer sat down with CinemaBlend's own Nick Venable and other outlets to talk about these historical mash-ups, teasing one particularly amazing one as the best of the bunch.

My favorite -- you know how the anachronisms work is instead of something being wrong with history, people or things get displaced to a different time. And so one of the displacements is Helen of Troy, [who] ends up in Hollywood in 1938 and starts up a studio war between Louis B. Mayer and Jack Warner, who want to sign her as the latest IT girl. And so it's the Trojan War, as playing out by two Hollywood studios.

So basically, we're going to see The Iliad starring a bunch of cigar-chomping Hollywood big shots. Honestly, we expect nothing less from a show like Legends of Tomorrow, and Sara and Ray could very well be posing as two of those big shots. The DC time-travel series loves to have fun toying with different historical periods, and introducing someone like Helen of Troy to start a war between two major Hollywood studios feels like a perfect blend of history and fiction. Remember, this isn't Arrow, where the characters usually deal with grounded and gritty action; Legends of Tomorrow thrives on weirdness, and it doesn't get any more random than personified Greek myths being auditioned for a Greta Garbo flick.

If Legends of Tomorrow plans on diving into a classic era of Hollywood filmmaking, then it seems likely that more than one member of the team will have an in-depth knowledge of pop culture at the time. Similar to when the team went back to save George Lucas from the Legion of Doom (and helped to get Star Wars: A New Hope made), the Legends often rely on their own knowledge of a given era to get the job done, rather than hit the books, like Rip Hunter and his new Time Bureau. With Ray and Nate having precise knowledge of the 1970s and 1980s Hollywood history, then I would be willing to bet that someone like Dr. Martin Stein will be able to help the team out in the 1930s. Not that he's old enough, but he just seems like an old-fashioned fit for that era.

Of course, this old Hollywood locale isn't the only weird destination for our team of time traveling heroes during Legends of Tomorrow's third season. San Diego Comic-Con was chock full of reveals, and the folks behind the series made sure to let fans know that they still have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. From the Victorian era to the 1980s to the roaring 1930s, it seems that (once again) nowhere is off limits for this endlessly odd show.

Legends of Tomorrow will return to The CW on Tuesday, October 10 at 9 p.m. EST -- right after The Flash's Season 4 premiere. That said, summer isn't over yet, so make sure to check out our summer TV premiere guide and get yourself up to date on all of the most highly anticipated TV debuts before the sunny season comes to an end.

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