One Flash Star Won't Be Returning In Season 4

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One star of The Flash won't be returning in Season 4, and it's going to make some DC loving Harry Potter fans sad. Tom Felton, who played crime scene investigator Julian Albert, will not be a part of Team Flash as a series regular when the new season begins. Here's what is being reported following the news that has undoubtedly Avada Kedavra'd the hearts of some fans of The Flash.

EW writes that Tom Felton has yet to sign on for any episodes of Season 4 of The Flash, which would explain why he was not present in the trailer or at San Diego Comic Con for The Flash panel. His character, Julian Albert, was still a member of Team Flash as the show closed out Season 3, so it's assumed that his departure happened in the six months that followed and that someone in the show will acknowledge his leaving. Having said that, the news being reported is that Felton has not signed back on as a series regular, which means that there is still a chance he could return to the series in a guest role either later in Season 4, or down the road in the series.

As for why Tom Felton is out for Season 4 of The Flash, that remains unknown. It might be that the show wrote him off to avoid paying his price tag, or simply because there was no current need for him to be a part of the story. On Felton's side he doesn't appear to have any major projects announced or commitments to attend beyond the series, so either he has something coming or might want to start looking. The actor isn't one for social media, with his last update on Twitter coming in June and Facebook even further back than that; so unless someone speaks up it appears an explanation as to why Felton isn't returning isn't coming.

While he's out as a series regular, there is a chance that Tom Felton returns to The Flash in Season 4 in a handful of episodes. As EW mentioned, actress Floriana Lima is returning to quite a few episodes of Supergirl, despite not appearing as a series regular in the coming season. Maybe he left the CCPD and went back to being an archeologist? Apparently stopping Savitar did more than change Iris's future, as Julian was seen still living in Central City in 2024- so it will be interesting to learn what changed in those six months.

The Flash is set to return for Season 4 October 10th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The loss of Julian isn't the only thing fans have to be sad about, as Carlos Valdes recently shared how the team is depressed and not saving Barry when the series picks back up. It's not all bad though, as the good news is Iris is stepping up to whip the team into shape and Wally seems to even throw on the red suit. For more on the here and now, our summer premiere guide is THE source to all the hottest shows of the summer so check it out for all titles new and returning.

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