How Game Of Thrones' Massive Ratings Are Helping HBO's Other Shows

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Game of Thrones is a ratings powerhouse for HBO, which is why it's already developing some spin-offs for when the series comes to an end. The latest episode of the series not only ensured big numbers for the network during the 9 p.m. ET timeslot, but also helped out two of HBO's other shows. Here's how well Ballers and Insecure did airing after GoT, and why it's good to have a megahit series in your lineup.

While Game Of Thrones' second episode in Season 7 finished a little under it's record breaking premiere of 10.1 million viewers, 9.27 million viewers with a 4.3 in the 18-49 demographic still makes it the second largest viewing of the series overall. That love spread to Ballers, which opened up for Season 3 with a 1.2 rating with 2.48 million viewers, and to Insecure which aired its Season 2 premiere after Ballers to an audience of 1.12 million and a 0.6 rating. According to TVByTheNumbers, that's a series high for both shows.

For Insecure, which stars the YouTube star turned TV sensation Issa Rae, the ratings and viewership were so substantial that they were double the previous series high in both categories. Prior to the Game Of Thrones rub, Insecure's highest viewed episode stood at just a little over a half million viewers, which really shows just how big of a jump the series got even thirty minutes after GoT aired.That's great news for the series, which has gained a fair amount of critical acclaim but not a lot of viewership.

For Ballers, the ratings outshined the previous record held by the pilot episode for viewership, which stood at 2.16 million. Ballers has had more success than Insecure, but The Rock led series, which highlights the off the field lives of NFL athletes real and fictional, has been slipping in viewership since Season 1. Its lowest point in Season 2 was Episode 8, in which it fell below the one million mark for the first and only time in its run so far. The series hasn't gotten quite the same level of critical acclaim as Insecure, but it does have The Rock and an Entourage flair to it, so fans of those two things might want to tune in following Game Of Thrones.

Both Insecure and Ballers are set to continue their seasons following the Season 7 finale of Game Of Thrones, so while it is evident now that both shows are enjoying the additional eyes brought on their show thanks to the program, the true test will be how many stick around after Season 7 is over.

Until then, Game Of Thrones is brand new July 30th at 9 p.m. ET with Ballers airing immediately after, followed by Insecure. To read more about Game of Thrones and its setting of records, be sure to check out this particularly insane one they recently accomplished. For more information on great summer programming, visit our summer premiere guide.

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