Game of Thrones is gearing up to finally kick off the Great War between the dead and the living, and it's only a matter of time before the prophecy of Azor Ahai's return comes to pass. Prophecy states that a prince who was promised will wield the flaming sword known as Lightbringer and use it to battle the dead. According to Melisandre, darkness will fall heavy on the world once the long summer comes to an end. Stars will bleed, the seas will freeze due to the icy winter winds, and the dead will rise in the North. A hero by the name of Azor Ahai, reborn in salt and smoke, will use Lightbringer to restore light and life.

Of course, Melisandre has been very wrong when it comes to prophecies in the past, as she was quite convinced that Stannis Baratheon was the Prince That Was Promised that would fulfill the prophecy. With Stannis dead and the full legitimate Baratheon line extinguished, the Prince That Was Promised must be somebody else entirely. We learned in Season 7 that the original prophecy in its High Valyrian form referred to a savior without specifying a man or a woman. Unfortunately for whoever is the subject of the prophecy, a sacrifice is required for Lightbringer to turn the tide of the war. The original Azor Ahai had to kill his beloved wife; the new Azor Ahai would likely have to give up something or someone beloved as well.

Now that many of the major players of Game of Thrones are coming together, the time has come to try and figure out the identity of the reborn Azor Ahai. We've come up with a handful of characters who could fit the bill (and one wild card), and we've ranked their likelihood. Take a look!

5. Ser Jorah Mormont

Ser Jorah as Azor Ahai is a theory that has been around for quite a while, and for a long time it was too wild even for our list of wild Game of Thrones theories. Given what we know of Jorah in Season 7, however, it's time to reevaluate. While Jorah is no prince, he has gone through a couple of different "rebirths" of sorts. When Dany emerged from the smoke and ashes of Drogo's funeral pyre, Jorah gave himself wholly to her cause and her faith. He was changed from the exiled knight into Dany's most loyal advisor, so much so that he tried to forget his early days of betraying her to Varys.

Jorah went through a less figurative rebirth later in the series, when he sailed through the ruins of Valyria and contracted greyscale from the stone men there. Even despite his grim prognosis, Jorah is still going and still dedicated to Dany's cause. As a man of the North whose ancestral house is fully on board with preparing for the Great War, he might even feel the pull to try and ally Jon and Dany and therefore create the song of ice and fire. I'm not sure that he has it in him to sacrifice his beloved Daenerys, but it would be a great twist if Melisandre's Prince That Was Promised didn't have king's blood or any mystical beasts.

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