Even though October is the time of year when creepy things usually occur, let's not forget that August is often privy to two horrifying ordeals: Back to School shopping and American Horror Story promos. With this year's theme locked down as American Horror Story: Cult, a handful of new videos were released to get audiences pumped. But which of them actually creeps us out the most? Let's dive in...carefully.

The first one we have here is appropriately titled "Hands," and it features what appears to be our regular squad of clown-faced loons that Cult will possibly center on. (We assume it's a following that's tied to Freak Show's Twisty the Clown, but that could easily be proven wrong.) Seeing them all surrounding the floating face is pretty cool, but for me, the most unnerving bit is when all the hands and arms form the AHS logo. It looks like the underside of a human centipede, but not like that kind.

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