Netflix gets a lot of love and acclaim for its original programming, but it's released a fair amount of stinkers in the eyes of critics. Excluding children's shows and a couple shows that haven't gotten enough attention stateside to get reviewed, here are the top 10 worst Netflix shows, as rated by critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

10. Flaked

While Will Arnett's other Netflix shows, BoJack Horseman and Arrested Development, rank on the high side of Netflix originals, Flaked sits with a 42% aggregate score on the Rotten Tomatoes critic list. While the series received a relatively positive reception from audiences (84%), critics say the series is dull and pointless and not representative of an effort that includes Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz. With both Hurwitz and Arnett heavily intertwined in Netflix projects, it seems like a Season 3 of the series could still happen -- critics be damned -- although the status of the series is still pending at the time of this writing.

9. Hemlock Grove

The oldest original series on the list, marking one of the first times Netflix basically struck out with critics in its quest to provide original content. Season 1 is the worst rated of the three, and had Netflix not given the greenlight for Season 2, which managed to raise the overall rating of the series to 38%, this title would be far lower on the list. Reasons for critical disinterest range from poor acting to an all-around baffling storyline, but the overall consensus is that the show was overall a genre-infused mess in its first season, and that's always hard to bounce back from.

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