Gypsy Cancelled By Netflix, Will Not Return For Season 2

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The future of original series is rarely guaranteed on Netflix nowadays, and even shows with high profiles and/or big name stars won't necessarily have a long life on the streaming service. Now, another original series has bitten the dust. Netflix has officially cancelled Gypsy after only one season. Naomi Watts will not be back as Jean Holloway.

Netflix is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to ratings and viewership, so there was no way for folks at home to know for sure if Gypsy was a hit or not. Still, the cancellation comes as a bit of a surprise, as Deadline reports that the writers have been back at work planning storylines and even penning scripts for a second season. Conversations about Season 2 have apparently been ongoing, and the odds looked pretty good for more Gypsy on the way. Unfortunately for the cast, crew, and whatever fans who became attached to the show after its single batch of episodes, the Season 1 finale was ultimately the series finale.

The cancellation will undoubtedly come as bad news for those who were hoping that Season 2 would provide some payoff to the unresolved plots of Season 1. There were still a great many questions that were still unanswered by the end of the Season 1 finale. While Netflix has proven to be willing to give cancelled shows one last hurrah to tie up loose ends, I'm guessing Gypsy doesn't have the impassioned fanbase to try and make it happen.

News of the cancellation comes a few months after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that the company's "hit ratio is way too high" and they "should have a higher cancel rate overall." Gypsy isn't the only show to get the axe from the streaming service this year. Sense8, The Get Down, and Girlboss were all cancelled as well. That said, Netflix hasn't refused to give renewal orders. Dear White People, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and GLOW are only a few of the shows that will be back. Throw in the Marvel universe that is still continuing to grow and the upcoming return of Arrested Development, and Netflix will have plenty of originals, even without Gypsy.

Gypsy starred Naomi Watts as Manhattan therapist Jean Holloway. Although she seemed to have the perfect life with a perfect family, she concealed a darker aside as she began illicit and incredibly inappropriate relationships with the people who she learned about from her patients' stories. Fantasy life and reality collide for Jean, and her actions threaten to ruin the lives of many, ranging from her patients to her husband. We can only guess at what would have happened next.

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