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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won Head Of Household

Big Brother Endurance comp hot dogs

After denying feed watchers the pleasure of watching the last endurance competition live, Big Brother made it up to us on Thursday night with another endurance competition, this time for Head of Household. When Thursday night's live eviction episode ended, the houseguests were perched inside hot dog buns, being hosed down with condiments. Because everyone's a wiener. Get it? The competition resumed on the live feeds, and we now know who won! If you don't want to be spoiled ahead of Sunday night's episode, read no further!

And the new Head of Household is...


jason and alex bb19

Jason is once again Head of Household. Kevin and Matt were the first two to fall. Josh went a little bit later. And then Paul dropped, either intentionally or not. Hard to say, but it seems likely he threw it, right? He's in a good spot no matter who wins. Raven fell almost immediately after Paul did, which is curious, especially considering Alex and Jason were the last two standing. Alex held on, demanding "safety and a jury vote" from Jason, her ride-or-die. Jason laughed and taunted her. Alex demanded Jason pick her for Veto if he gets Houseguests Choice. He agreed, and Alex finally jumped, giving Jason the Head of Household.

Big Brother Jason HoH

With Jason as Head of Household, the odds are high that Alex is safe for the week. The same could be said for Paul, however nothing is guaranteed. While Alex has proven to be extremely loyal to Paul, Jason is more loyal to Alex than he is Paul. So the possibility exists that he might decide to make a big move. But that's really just a possibility. I wouldn't describe it as a probability. The odds are much higher that Alex and Jason target Matt and Raven. They'd have Paul, Christmas and Josh's support (and votes). Barring a temptation-tree twist or a Veto win -- both possibilities -- Matt and Raven have a high chance of being next on the chopping block at this point.

Christmas and Josh are also options for targets, but if Paul has anything to say about that (and let's face it, he has a lot to say about most things going on in the game this season), they'll be ok. Kevin is always a back-up option, if Matt and Raven are nominated, and one comes off. There's also the potential that pawns will go up, but with just eight people left in the game (and six of them playing for Veto), it may not be the wisest choice to play the pawn game pre-Veto anymore. We'll have to wait and see what Jason decides to do this week.

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