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Inhumans Releases A New Look At Lockjaw Ahead Of Premiere

Marvel Television is currently gearing up for the release of its latest TV series, Inhumans. The show will be making a never-been-done before premiere in IMAX theaters next week before ABC begins to air every episode later in the month. The series features a cast of colorful characters with odd powers, but maybe none are as strange (or lovable) as Lockjaw. The giant Bulldog will be a CGI creation, and now we have one of our best looks yet at Lockjaw thanks to a new poster. Check it out below.

Lockjaw Inhumans

Ahead of the premiere of Inhumans, Marvel has been releasing one-sheets for all of the major characters of the series. That includes Lockjaw, who gets a poster all to himself. The one-sheet offers a great look at the appearance of the CGI character, and yup, he's a giant Bulldog alright. The only super noticeable thing about his design is that he lacks the tuning fork constantly adorned to his head in the comics. It probably would have looked silly, but if you've got a teleporting CGI dog in your show, you might as well go for it. And honestly, does it seem like Inhumans is overly concerned about looking silly?

Lockjaw is the pet and protector of the Inhuman Royal Family. Like every Inhuman, Lockjaw possesses his own unique ability - in this case, teleportation. He can teleport across dimensions for a quick escape, which you can briefly see him do with Black Bolt during a teaser for the upcoming show. Showrunner Scott Buck teased that Lockjaw will probably end up the fan-favorite character (and how could he not be with that face?) and that he was "very fun" to write and shoot.

So far, based on footage on released footage alone, the buzz does not feel to be particularly high for Inhumans. The series is said to have received a tepid response from crowds when it screened a trailer at Comic Con, and a Television Critics Association panel was said to have Sad Affleck levels of awkwardness. Not even a cute dog with superpowers may be enough to turn this one around.

The Inhumans stars a race of superpowered individuals living secretly on the moon. When the king, Black Bolt, is forced to flee due to a coup led by his brother, he arrives on Earth and must decide whether it's time to bring the Inhumans into the spotlight once and for all. The series is a result of a partnership between Marvel and IMAX. The first two episodes were filmed on IMAX cameras and will premiere exclusively in IMAX theaters. Then ABC will air all episodes on a weekly basis later on in September.

You can first see Inhumans when it premieres the first two episode in IMAX on for a limited two-week run (which may no longer be the case) starting on September 1. Then the show will air on ABC beginning September 24.

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