Kat Dennings Just Landed Her First TV Show After 2 Broke Girls, And It's With John Cena

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For six seasons, Kat Dennings starred opposite Beth Behrs on CBS' hit comedy 2 Broke Girls, but the network pulled the plug on the cupcake ovens and cancelled it earlier this year. While Dennings' fans won't get to see her taking on a starring role in any primetime series this fall, the actress just landed her next gig with the animated space comedy Dallas & Robo for YouTube Red, and she'll be opposite the always excellent John Cena, as well as a ton of other big stars.

Before laying out the supporting talent, let's get down to what this show is actually about. In Dallas & Robo, Kat Dennings and John Cena will respectively play the titular sassy space trucker Dallas and the poetic warrior Robo, who are trying to earn a living through longer-than-long hauls across the cosmos in their big rig spacecraft. This is basically a 2D Max Black, right? Well, except for all the cannibal bikers and antagonistic fellow space truckers that they come across on their interplanetary jobs, of course.

One could argue that a show starring Kat Dennings and John Cena wouldn't need a revolving door of other familiar names to be successful, but Dallas & Robo is bringing a ton of talent to YouTube Red's up-and-coming streaming lineup. The rest of the cast includes Glee vet Jane Lynch, current Better Call Saul star Giancarlo Esposito, former SNL regular Taran Killam, This Is Us' Milana Vayntrub, Friends From College's Nat Faxon, One Life to Live vet Bree Williamson, and voice actor extraordinaire Clancy Brown, of SpongeBob Squarepants and The Flash fame. So much awesomeness!

While there aren't quite as many famed names being stacked up behind the scenes, Dallas & Robo is being handled by people who know exactly how make hit animated comedies. The project was created by Mike Roberts, known for his animation and directorial efforts for Comedy Central's TripTank, as well as Netflix's BoJack Horseman and F Is for Family. He'll be executive producing alongside John Cena, as well as Dallas & Robo writers Andy Sipes (Archer) and Matt Mariska (Robot Chicken). And the animation will be handled by the studio ShadowMachine, which formerly produced Robot Chicken and currently produces BoJack Horseman.

While YouTube Red can seemingly be worth the $10-a-month subscription fee just to get ad-free videos and music streaming, the service has going hard on original program development. While we're not too far away from seeing the TV spinoff Step Up: High Water making its streaming debut, and YouTube Red also is also developing another film-to-TV project, the Karate Kid sequel Cobra Kai, the comedy Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television and a Doug Liman-produced sequel to the novel Jumper, titled Impulse.

Kat Dennings definitely hadn't ignored other TV shows during her six-season run on 2 Broke Girls, and she's had some voice acting experience on shows like the aforementioned Robot Chicken and American Dad! On the live-action front, she's made appearances on Drunk History, The Newsroom and was a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race in 2015. She's got another animated show on the horizon, too, as she'll cameo in Nick Kroll's new Netflix show Big Mouth.

We're still quite a ways away from hearing Kat Dennings and (not seeing) John Cena on Dallas & Robo, as the show won't premiere on YouTube Red until some point in 2018. (Incidentally, the WWE YouTube page will also host the episodes, because Cena is a superstar.) To see what's coming to the small screen sooner, though, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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