2 Broke Girls Cancelled At CBS, Will Not Return For Season 7

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This has been a big week for renewals and cancellations on major TV networks, and there's been quite a bloodbath so far. Now, we have one more show to add to the list of those that have gotten the axe. CBS has decided to cancel sitcom 2 Broke Girls, which has been a notable part of the comedy lineup for six years.

Fans have been waiting a while to find out the fate of 2 Broke Girls. Season 6 came to an end back in April, and renewal negotiations between CBS and distributor Warner Bros. TV have been ongoing. There were positive signs recently that CBS and WB could come to an agreement for an abbreviated season of 13-18 episodes. Now, it's clear that agreement never happened, and the Season 6 finale is now the series finale.

The cancellation is likely a result of CBS simply not wanting to pay for another season of 2 Broke Girls. The network doesn't own 2 Broke Girls, yet still has had to cover the cost of production due to how long it has lasted on CBS. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. TV has made off well with the series over the years with syndication sales to other networks, landing a lucrative deal with TBS that scored them $1.7 million per episode. Deadline reports that CBS was looking to share in the profits with WB, but the network and the studio were not able to hammer out the details to both parties' satisfaction.

Although it sounds like the cancellation resulted mostly from a dispute between network and studio, the ratings were nothing to brag about. In Season 6, 2 Broke Girls averaged only 5.62 million viewers and a 1.31 in the valuable 18-49 age demographic in Live+Same day measurements, which is a significant drop from Season 5's average numbers of 6.42 million viewers and a 1.61 rating.

That said, 2 Broke Girls did fare somewhat better in Live+7 day ratings in Season 6, pulling in a 1.8 average in the key demo. The 1.8 rating falls below that of Mom and Life In Pieces and above Man With A Plan and Superior Donuts, all of which have been renewed. Given that 2 Broke Girls tends to skew younger than many CBS series, I have to wonder if CBS will come to regret not hammering out a deal to keep it on the air. It hasn't always made headlines for good reasons, but it will undoubtedly be missed by many.

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