Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won Head Of Household?

I've often said Big Brother is the closest thing I have to a sports obsession, so the fact that a competition would get rained out sports-like seems particularly fitting to me. We now know who won Head of Household.

Get the spoilers from the live feed ahead!

Nominations have not taken place yet, however, the new Head of Household is Christmas.



The Head of Household competition didn't play out on the live feeds, however when the feeds came b back, we learned that Christmas won the last Head of Household by default. The rained-out competition was the ready-set-go sprinting competition, where houseguests have to run and hit a buzzer. Obviously, Christmas wouldn't be able to run for the buzzer, but maybe they let her stand at her mark anyway? In any event, it sounds like houseguests eliminated themselves, either intentionally or not, by false-starting.

That would explain how Christmas managed to make it to the end and win it.

The plan has been for several of the remaining houseguests to throw this Head of Household competition, once again believing they or their teams are safe. That could be said for certain houseguests, but not for Alex, Jason and Kevin, all three of whom are next in Paul's pecking order.

Jason couldn't play for this Head of Household competition, and I'm doubtful he'd go through with throwing it if he did.

I have to imagine that Jason is the primary target, given how many competitions he's won in the past few weeks. If he doesn't win the Veto this week, they'd be foolish to keep him around any longer.

There's been talk of Alex and Jason going up on the block, and the two may be prepared for that, should it happen. I think they think Kevin is the next in line. And if Jason wins the Veto, he may very well be. Or the house will target Alex.

Regardless, it seems highly likely that Josh, Paul and Raven are safe alongside Head of Household Christmas. She has options, and Paul has done the work to make sure people recognize Jason and Alex as a threat. We'll have to wait and see how the rest of the week plays out.

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