The Interesting Way Supergirl Season 3 Will Explain Kara And Alex's Close Relationship

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Supergirl hasn't shied away from featuring a variety of relationships for the Girl of Steel, ranging from romantic attachments to friendships to even frenemies. The one relationship that has been consistently strong on the series has been the one between the Danvers sisters. While Kara and Alex have had theirs ups and downs as sisters, they've always been quite close and supportive. Fortunately for fans of the two sisters as a unit, Season 3 of Supergirl will explain how they came to be so close in what sounds like a very special episode that will feature a brand new face.

The sixth episode of Season 3 will see Kara and Alex on a road trip to the home where they grew up. Together, they'll reflect on a murder mystery from their high school days that transformed them from foster sisters forced together by circumstance into the formidable duo they are today. Called "Midvale," the episode will be heavy on the flashbacks, and a new actress has been cast to play the young version of Kara.

The role of young Kara was originated by Malina Weissman, who landed a leading role in Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events adaptation, which has been ordered for a second season and will likely return for more. EW reports that 16-year-old Izabela Vidovic will step into the role for "Midvale," and it sounds like she'll have plenty to do. Supergirl star Melissa Benoist has revealed just how the episode will establish the bond between Kara and Alex, saying this:

You'll get to see, through the way they interact, how their relationship started when Kara first came to Earth, how it grew, how it became so close and why they're so close nowadays.

"Midvale" seems to be the origin story of the Danvers duo. Given that Alex and Kara have arguably been the strongest and most consistent dynamic of the series, it should be fascinating to see them back in their younger days. We've seen flashbacks to their teen years before, but a flashback-heavy episode promises to give a much more in-depth look at how they became what they are together nowadays. We'll have to wait and see how young Izabela Vidovic does in the role of young Kara.

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Izabela Vidovic is best-known for her role as Taylor on The Fosters, although she did appear in ten episodes of the About a Boy TV series. Supergirl will mark a return to The CW for Vidovic, who had a brief but memorable role on The 100 Season 1 with the adorably murderous Charlotte. Depending on how much Supergirl plans on using flashbacks in Season 3 and beyond, we may see a lot of Vidovic as young Kara.

Interestingly, young Kara isn't the only role that has been recast for Season 3. For more on what's to come in the next batch of episodes, check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Supergirl Season 3, and don't forget to swing by our fall TV premiere guide.

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