The Unexpected Stranger Things Character That Season 2 Will Focus On

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An unexpected character will take center stage in Season 2 of _Stranger Things - _although star David Harbour indicates it might not happen in the way fans think. According to the actor, his own character's dearly departed daughter, Sarah, will wind up having an important part to play in the upcoming episodes of the Netflix series, and he recently had this to say about her impact:

Hopper's daughter will be the primary focus of Season 2, but not in the way that you think it will be. Hopper's understanding of that relationship and Hopper's understanding of being a father and of being a man grows deeper and deeper in Season 2, and we get a lot of time to explore what that is, but it won't be in the literal way that you think it is. I don't want to tell you any more than that because it's good stuff.

As Stranger Things fans may remember, Hopper's daughter Sarah passed away from cancer prior to the events of the show, as depicted toward the end the first season. David Harbour's quote to TV Guide appears to indicate that Season will put a much sharper focus on Hopper's time as a father - analyzing how he's changed as a man as a result of that relationship. While somewhat revealing, Harbour still keeps pretty tight lipped on the details, so perhaps Sarah's death is tied to whatever is happening in Hawkins, Indiana?

For those that remember, Sarah Hopper's issues first started when she became short of breath while the family was playing in the park. When that happens, Sarah looks to be staring at something in the distance, although neither of her parents call attention to it at the time. It should be noted that before you go ahead and start over-analyzing this, this event occurred when the Hopper family was living in another city, and Jim Hopper didn't move back to Hawkins until after his daughter's passing.

Judging from the quote, it's more likely that Jim Hopper will spend Season 2 of Stranger Things better coping with the loss of his daughter Sarah. The story began with Hopper abusing alcohol and prescription pills, but once Will Byers went missing he seemed to find a sense of purpose. David Harbour has confirmed saving Will gives Hopper a renewed look on life, and has also said what he'll be up to when Season 2 begins. Now all that's left to fans is to figure out how Sarah Hopper fits into the puzzle.

Stranger Things Season 2 will begin streaming on Netflix just in time for Halloween, on October 27th. The series has been teasing the new season with a set of Season 2 posters paying homage to classic films like Alien and Evil Dead, and if you're an 80s-loving horror fan you need to see them immediately! For more shows to check out this fall season, be sure to visit our Netflix guide to see what's new on streaming, or check out our fall premiere guide for the full monty of things to expect.

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