How Younger Will Keep Josh In Liza's Life After That Surprising Finale

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Warning: Spoilers below for the Season 4 finale of Younger, "Irish Goodbye." Stop reading now if you haven't yet watched the episode!

Well, Season 4 of TV Land's Younger has finally come to a close. The show gave us a shocker when Josh took off to see his girlfriend of about one month, Claire, in her home country of Ireland and, as one does on a whim, decided to just go ahead and marry that chick so she could come back to the United States. Because, you know, its not like he didn't almost propose to Liza a few months before or anything. So, you can be forgiven for thinking that this will be the end of any possible future for Josh and Liza. While a romantic relationship for the twosome likely won't be in the cards anytime soon, according to executive producer Darren Star, we haven't actually seen the last of Josh in Liza's life. Here's what Star had to say on the matter:

Liza's someone who's always going to be supporting him in his life, wanting the best for him. Now she's going to have to be the responsible party in making this kosher -- the whole marriage and help confirm the relationship.

Well, doesn't that just sound...romantic? No, OK, it sounds insane. But considering some big things that happened in the finale, it's not really a giant surprise. When Josh decided to attach himself to a green card-wielding ball and chain, he had the gall to ask for Liza to come to Ireland to be there for the wedding. To be fair, I suppose, Liza has broken his heart a few times; first, by lying to him about her age and keeping a lot of her personal life from him, and, second, let's not forget that when he was about to propose to her in the penultimate episode of Season 3, he caught her kissing her boss Charles, and that gutted the poor young dude.

So, it turned out that Claire's family is no bag of fools, and Josh just wanted Liza to help convince Claire's folks that the marriage was a real one, since she introduced them. He, of course, got Claire to talk Liza into this, after admitting that he felt Liza owed him for all those times she lied and withheld information from him. Way to be classy, Josh. And, since he'd told Claire that Liza is actually a bit long in the tooth, she used that knowledge to "convince" Liza to help out by lying to Claire's friends, family and (even better) the Feds.

Judging by Darren Star's comments to Variety, it sounds like life back in New York will keep Liza in Josh's newly wedded bliss orbit. She's now officially on record as someone who believes in this (unholy and truly misguided) union, so any time the good people at Immigration have questions about what's going on with Josh and Claire, they'll probably look to Liza to help fill in the blanks. This just might mean the couple using Liza as backup to make sure all of Josh's friends and family back home are on board with this rash decision as the months go on. And, since Liza feels bad for how she's treated Josh, it sounds like she might go along with this for far too long. Just...ugh.

Well, TV Land has already given Younger a fifth season, but we've got quite a while to wait until those 12 episodes start airing next year, and we can see how all this messy Irish business turns out for Josh and Liza. Until then, be sure to check out our fall premiere guide and Netflix premiere guide to see what you can watch in the coming months.

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