Check Out Outlander's Sam Heughan Carrying A Big Deer Like A Boss In New Photo

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for the second episode of Outlander Season 3.

Outlander finally returned to the airwaves this month for Season 3, which has split lovebirds Jamie and Claire apart by more than two centuries of time. While Claire hasn't been having an easy time with her pregnancy and the lukewarm rekindling of her marriage to Frank, Jamie is the one stuck in the middle of his own personal hell after the Battle of Culloden. Now, we have a look at him up and about after recovering from his terrible wound, and it gives us a shot of Sam Heughan himself carrying a giant deer. Check him out!

outlander season 3 jamie deer

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We're still a few days away from the next episode airing, but this picture makes it quite clear that Jamie's lot in life is rather unfortunate. He certainly doesn't have the expression of a man who is glorying in his kill of a huge stag. Of course, Jamie's grimace might be partly due to Sam Heughan's task of wearing a scraggly wig and heaving a bloody deer corpse over his shoulder for a day of work. Kudos to Sam Heughan for managing it. Even if the deer is a dummy stuffed with lightweight fluff, it can't be easy to lug around.

All things considered, Jamie is probably pretty miserable. Separated from his wife and unborn child and a fugitive from the law in his own homeland (again), he can't be having a good time. That said, it's possible that all the scraggly hair is a sign of more than just Jamie letting himself go due to all his losses. He became known as Red Jamie in the Jacobite rebellion, and he's big and tall enough that he stands out in a crowd. Jamie may be going for the Yeti look to try and conceal his identity. Then again, wearing a red mop and rough red beard probably won't do much to separate himself from Red Jamie the Jacobite.

Considering what's probably going to happen to somebody Jamie loves in the next episode, the odds are pretty good that he'll do something rash in his desperation. Red Jamie won't be able to disappear forever in the woods around Lallybroch. While Claire is raising their baby in the 20th century, Jamie will be paying for the loss at Culloden. His journey in the past might be difficult to watch, so at least we'll have an adorable baby to lighten things up until we finally get a reunion between Jamie and Claire.

Tune in to Starz on Sunday, September 17 at 8 p.m. ET to see what happens in the next new episode of Outlander. The Season 3 premiere killed off a huge character, and there are undoubtedly more deaths to be revealed in the coming weeks. Check out our fall TV premiere guide for your non-Outlander viewing options, and take a look at our breakdown of 9 devastating losses you should probably expect in the rest of Outlander Season 3.

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