A Reality Series Where People Make Sex Tapes Is Happening, Because Why Not?

Reality may be what we all make of it, but reality TV is completely in the hands of producers and network execs looking to capture viewers' interests in any way possible. Sex, relationships and pornography are of interest to many, obviously, so why not smash those three concepts together for a new reality show? That's basically what's happening with a new project that's looking for a U.S. home, and it'll go by the name Sex Tape. Not to be confused with the movie Sex Tape.

A thing that is actually real and not just a concept created by two high school dudes waiting for the bell to ring, Sex Tape is a social experiment reality show coming from production company Entertainment One -- behind such shows as The Walking Dead and Designated Survivor -- which is partnering with the Israeli company Armoza Formats. And the subject matter may remind some of the former reality show Sex Box, which released to complaints from all sides and was cancelled not long after.

As the plan goes, each episode Sex Tape would feature three different real-life couples with problematic issues they're interested in getting to the bottom of. To do this, each couple will spend a full week capturing their everyday lives on camera, and that includes the happy times, the fights and, naturally, the sexual escapades. And there's NO way that any of those couples will try to ramp things up dramatically for the sake of others that will be watching, right?

Because yes, after the week is done, the couples will convene with a relationship expert, and everyone will watch all of that footage together. Which would be one of the most uncomfortable scenarios I can think of, even if there were strict rules made beforehand about tittering and offering up mid-viewing advice. Even watching people watching themselves have sex seems like an oddly post-modern form of entertainment.

The U.S. definitely isn't the only country where this concept is getting snatched up for TV. Armoza Formats already has other Sex Tape iterations happening in Germany, the U.K., Spain and elsewhere, while it's also happening in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia through 360 POWWOW. That's a lot of digital sex, guys.I mean, not compared to how much porn is out there, but still.

We all know how successful Kim Kardashian's sex tape was/is, and there have been plenty of other big celebs that have had their private moments gone public, with many finding lucrative outcomes from it. (Hulk Hogan's sex tape is a prime example.) But can sex tapes be used to bring everyday couples closer together? We shall see. Maybe, if this show gets picked up anywhere.

While waiting to hear more about it, don't forget that there are plenty of other big shows on the way to the small screen, and they can all be found in our fall premiere schedule.

Stay lubed, er, tuned for more information about Sex Tape, to see if it'll ever

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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