A Major Law And Order Actor Is Popping Up In SVU

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The Law and Order franchise has been going strong for nearly 30 years at this point. It kicked off with original recipe Law and Order back in 1990, and it eventually grew to consist of a number of spinoffs. The only Law and Order series still around these days -- not counting the upcoming Law and Order True Crime anthology series -- is Law and Order: SVU, which is heading into its 19th season this fall. Now, we know of one iconic actor from the original Law and Order who will reprise his role in Season 19 of SVU: Sam Waterston will be back once more as Jack McCoy.

Sam Waterston is undoubtedly best known for his work as Jack McCoy on Law and Order. He was on board the series starting in its fifth season and remained on the series all the way to the twentieth and final season. Deadline reports that Waterston will appear as a guest star on Law and Order: SVU later in Season 19, although no details about how or why McCoy comes back are yet available.

Jack McCoy went through many changes over his years on Law and Order. He started off as something of a renegade assistant district attorney whose dedication to justice occasionally resulted in the crossing of major lines, and he was no stranger to being held in contempt of court. Nevertheless, his career prospered, and he rose to the position of District Attorney by the time Law and Order ended in 2010. It should be interesting to see what brings McCoy back into the Law and Order action when he drops by SVU later in the 2017-2018 season.

The Season 19 appearance won't be the first time Jack McCoy has appeared on SVU, as he had a part to play in three earlier episodes. That said, his last appearance on SVU was back in Season 11, and a lot of changes to the precinct have happened between Season 11 and Season 19. There won't be too many familiar faces, as Stabler, Cragen, and Munch have all departed. If Sam Waterston merely drops in for a cameo, we may not get to see him interact with too many of the characters, newcomers or not. Hopefully he'll have an actual part to play in the case of the week.

There will be even more fresh blood in the SVU precinct in Season 19, as the show has landed a big name for a recurring role throughout the next batch of episodes. Brooke Shields herself will be part of SVU as a character who will shake up Olivia Benson's world. As Olivia tends to be one of the more steadfast cops due to her many years of experience with all the ugliness that comes with investigating sex crimes, any character that can shake her up may be quite formidable. Who knows? Maybe we'll get to see Sam Waterston in a scene with Brooke Shields and Mariska Hargitay. I know I'd watch that.

Season 19 of Law and Order: SVU will premiere on Wednesday, September 27 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Take a peek at our fall TV guide for your other schedule needs.

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