Why The Punisher Has Marvel's Best TV Trailer Yet

The Punisher was already one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most highly-anticipated projects, and the newly-released trailer for Frank Castle's solo series has shot our excitement through the roof. Bloody, brutal, and a beautiful continuation of Frank's story, The Punisher looks like a pitch-perfect adaptation of the gritty Marvel anti-hero. The trailer for his solo Netflix series already stands on its own as a huge win for Marvel. With that in mind, let's dive into this pulse-pounding trailer and discuss why it's such a significant victory for Marvel.

The Punisher Trailer Jon Bernthal Frank Castle

It Covers The Punisher Basics

Although it seems to create a bit of continuity gap (it's probably just a dream sequence), The Punisher trailer opens with shots of Frank Castle spending quality time with his family before a masked soldier enters his bedroom and abruptly shoots his wife point-blank in the face. With the opening sequence, the trailer for The Punisher pretty much lays out everything that you need to know about Frank Castle, even if you have not seen Daredevil Season 2. He's a trained killer who decides to commit himself to a never-ending war on crime following the murder of his family; it covers the basics so even newcomers can get on-board easily.

Frank Castle The Punisher Jon Bernthal

Does Not Give Away Too Much Story Or Action

Despite the fact that The Punisher trailer sets the stage for a proper Punisher storyline, it doesn't do much to show off key details. It looks like Frank Castle and Microchip will go up against a clandestine CIA operation led by William Rawlins (a character from the comics), and that this will see him go head to head against fellow soldier Billy Russo, whose comic story is pretty intriguing. Beyond that, the trailer doesn't give us much else to work with. Moreover, the new trailer also works because it doesn't give away a full set piece. There's a certain amount of logical incoherence to the editing, and it helps the preview keep the show's best secrets intact until it finally debuts on the streaming service.

The Punisher Netflix release date

Lack Of Release Date Heightens Anticipation

For all of the new information and footage that The Punisher trailer provides us, it still manages to omit one crucial detail: the show's long-awaited release date. However, based upon the chatter that exploded online after the trailer's release, it looks like this could serve to benefit The Punisher in the long run, as people have started discussing when the release could happen almost as much as they're discussing content. This strategy won't work for just anything; a content provider needs to be very confident in A) audience enthusiasm and B) the quality of the product it intends to provide. That said, the omission of The Punisher's release date seems to have captured the interest of fans, which could ultimately pay off big time when the show finally becomes available.

Inhumans Marvel ABC

It Already Makes Us Forget Inhumans

Marvel television has arguably gone through a series of missteps in recent months, with none becoming more obvious than the unfortunate reception of Inhumans (the trailer as well as the show's recent IMAX premiere). Couple that with the poor critical reception Iron Fist received earlier this year, as well as the somewhat lackluster estimated ratings of The Defenders, and it is clear that The Punisher trailer has become the type of phenomenon that Marvel needs right now. It's hard-hitting, it is brutal, and it's a firm reminder of what Marvel television shows can do when they put the pedal to the metal and fire on all cylinders. With this one trailer, recent duds now seem firmly in our rear view.

The Punisher Frank Castle Guitar

Perfect Song Choice

Never underestimate the power of proper song choice for a trailer. Metallica's "One" is probably the best option that Marvel could use for Frank Castle. Telling the story of a gravely wounded war veteran praying for death on a hospital bed, the iconic heavy metal tune captures the essence of The Punisher as it transitions from a somber acoustic cover to a full-blown Metallica extravaganza. It's like taking a 9mm bullet of pure adrenaline to the system, and the guitar riffs keep the action of the trailer flowing at a breakneck pace. Perhaps more importantly, the trailer goes full Baby Driver and edits the show's gunfire together with Lars Ulrich's drum beats for "One," creating a fantastic synergy between the music and visuals.

We will bring you more information related to The Punisher series as new details related to the upcoming project's Netflix premiere become available to us. Until then, check out our fall TV premiere guide for more information on all of the most highly-anticipated small screen debuts coming within the next few months!

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