Hell On Wheels' Creators Have A Badass New Show In The Works

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Hell on Wheels was the place to be on the small screen for Western action for five seasons from 2011-2016, and many viewers were drawn into the twists and turns of railroad construction in the 19th century. Creators Tony and Joe Gayton proved that they have what it takes to craft engaging television with Hell on Wheels, and they're now working to bring a brand new project to the small screen, although it definitely won't be set in the Old West. The Gayton brothers are developing a prospective TV show based on The Dime.

The Dime is a book written by author Kathleen Kent that was published earlier this year, and a pair of TV veterans haven't wasted time in scooping the novel up for a TV adaptation. As the book was a bestseller, it makes sense that it would be selected as a possible great fit for the small screen. Adaptations of popular stories have done well lately, and the Gayton brothers could definitely have what it takes to create a hit out of Kathleen Kent's book.

The show would follow a Brooklyn cop by the name of Betty Rhyzyck, who is tough and capable and more than holds her own as a crime-fighter. She's also a lesbian, and she makes the decision to move from Brooklyn to Dallas with her girlfriend in order to take charge of a group of detectives. The cops in Dallas tend to veer toward traditional and conservative attitudes, and they're not especially welcoming to the lesbian detective from New York City. As law enforcement is a job that requires trust between co-workers, Betty and the cops on her team will have to find a way to work together despite their differences. They may discover that they have more similarities than they believed upon first meeting. Deadline reports that the project is in development for Fox.

Fox has given a script commitment plus penalty to The Dime, which means that Tony and Joe Gayton have decent odds of seeing this project making it to the small screen. The Hell on Wheels creators are on board as writers and executive producers. Director Matt Reeves of War for the Planet of the Apes will work as an executive producer as well. The Dime marks Reeves' second developing project at Fox, as he is also executive producing the vampire show featuring Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

The Dime sounds like a new take on the traditional crime drama, and it should be interesting to see who the Gayton brothers cast to play Betty Rhyzyck and the rest of the ensemble if the project lands a pilot and/or series order. There's no saying at this point when that might be, so take a gander at our fall TV guide and our Netflix premiere schedule for your current viewing options. If you're now in the mood for some Hell on Wheels, the full series is currently available streaming on Netflix.

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