What To Expect From Dwight And Daryl In The Walking Dead Season 8

Dwight with a gun on Daryl

One massively popular TV series that is still on hiatus is AMC's The Walking Dead, which will arrive toward the end of this month. With it brings the iconic All Out War storyline from the comics, which makes the character Dwight especially important. Dwight is being set up as a mole within The Sanctuary, so how are he and fan favorite Daryl going to navigate their complicated relationship? Dwight himself, Actor Austin Amelio, recently opened up about what to expect when the double D's share scenes in Season 8.

I mean, they're definitely not buddy-buddy, but I do think that there's more of an understanding between the two. Daryl was also first there when you meet Dwight and he's sort of this mirror to his past. It's a difficult thing because they despise each other. I definitely don't think they want to take a road trip in a car together for 10 hours, but I think there is sort of a mutual understanding, because Daryl has come into our compound and has seen what I have to deal with. So I think that's where they stand, and I also think that in the very, very beginning when he sees Daryl bring back the medicine, there's also a little good in him too. It's complicated out here in the post-apocalyptic world, man. It's complicated.

While Daryl and Dwight seem to be working toward a common goal, it certainly isn't going to be peaches and cream when they reunite in Season 8. There's still plenty of mixed feelings due to Daryl's suffering at the hands of Dwight. And Austin Amelio's comments to EW make it sounds like this will make for a fascinating subplot in the coming season.

Dwight's morality has been an interesting plot to follow in the past few years, as well as his obsession with Daryl Dixon. We first met him way back in Season 6. Although unnamed, we saw as he, Sherry, and her sister Tina attempted to escape The Saviors and find a new home. tThey originally take Daryl captive, an he escapes with their supplies. But upon seeing that he stole Tina's insulin, Daryl turns back to return the goods, like the southern gentleman he is. Unfortunately, Sherry and Dwight steal his motorcycle and crossbow and hit the road.

This event has seemingly haunted Daryl since, as killing Dwight would have spared him some torture within The Sanctuary. But now it looks like Dwight may just be the key to besting Negan, so Mr. Dixon's moment of mercy may end up being significant for the denizens of Alexandra, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for Season 8 on October 22, 2017. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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