How The Middle Should End, According To Patricia Heaton

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Minor spoilers for Six Feet Under are in this article. Just a heads up!

The Middle has been the little series that could for a long time, now. For nearly a decade, the show has been a solid ratings bringer over at ABC, but a couple of months ago, the network announced that the long-running comedy will be ending after Season 9. This means the writers will have the time to come up with a fitting ending for the comedy, and while we don't know what that will look like yet, the cast certainly has some ideas. The Middle lead Patricia Heaton recently spoke out about the finale, explaining about the touching way she hopes the series will end.

I can tell you that one of my favorite series finales ever was Six Feet Under where you flash forward and see them at each of their funerals. I don't see us taking it that far, but I think a lot of people want to know what happens. Something like that. I personally would enjoy that. I don't know if that's what the writers have in mind, but I think a lot of people would like to know where everything's headed.

I can guarantee I've never spoken about Six Feet Under and The Middle in the same breath before, and I've certainly never written on any ways the two shows could be similar, but according to what Patricia Heaton told EW, she wants The Middle to end on a poignant and emotional note. Heaton isn't saying that she wants The Middle to totally copy the format of Six Feet Under, but she does seem to be saying that she wants to make sure the full story is told, that the audience has caught up with everything they need to see from each of the characters and that she wants some emotional impact. That's a tall order for a comedy, but The Middle has pulled off some touching moments before.

If you've never seen Six Feet Under--and if you haven't I highly suggest you take the time at some point--the finale does end by flashing forward through big moments in all the characters lives, ending on how each character eventually dies. That may sound cheesy, but considering the entire series is a frank and unrelenting look at death, how death is a business and how grief manifests into those still living, it really fits. If you've seen the series and just want a really quick six-minute cry, we have you covered...

The Middle kicked off its ninth and final season just a few days ago, on October 3. The first episode dealt with a time capsule and Sue trying to cram in a whole summer of fun in just a couple of days. Again, not really Six Feet Under material, but we'd love to see The Middle round out with something touching and memorable for fans.

While we wait for the end of the season, you can check out all the great shows that have yet to premiere with our full schedule.

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