The DC Comics Anti-Hero Danny Trejo Would Love To Play

The DC Extended Universe is essentially breaking the internet right now. Last night’s CW special "Dawn of The Justice League" showed us how DC will be developing their universe, giving us sneak peeks at each of the upcoming films being released through 2020. The DCEU seems like an actor’s dream, and now it appears that actor Danny Trejo is ready to kick some superhero ass. Shortly after the special aired, Trejo took to twitter and posted a mysterious message, check it out below:

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Danny Trejo as Lobo actually seems like pretty perfect casting. Trejo looks remarkably like the alien mercenary and he has certainly played similar roles in the past. However, the validity and intention behind Trejo’s tweet is unclear, and can play out in a few ways.

Most likely, Danny Trejo is attempting to cast himself and get some buzz around a potential involvement in the DCEU. It’s a strategic marketing ploy by Trejo to tweet when social media was revolving around the recently aired CW special. If enough people like and retweet his post, perhaps the higher-ups and casting folks at DC will see the demand for Trejo’s Lobo, and will figure out a way to write him into one of the many projects that are being developed by DC Studios.

Another possibility is that Danny Trejo has already been cast in a DC Studios project. Of course, this can span a few different mediums. Lobo is most commonly associated with the Superman franchise, as he made his first television appearance in the Superman: The Animated Series. While I’m sure Trejo would prefer to be in a film adaptation of the DC universe, there is a strong possibility we could see him on the small screen. With Supergirl showing no sign of slowing, perhaps we’ll be able to see Lobo and Kara duke it out on the CBS drama. His powers are more similar to her’s than that of Green Arrow and The Flash, so they would be a better match than the CW heroes.

While Lobo is definitely not going to appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, there is always a chance that he could pop up in The Justice League Part One. The film is still a big mystery, but the Justice League will presumably need a hand full of villains for the team of superheroes to battle.

Then again, he would probably best fit into the world of Suicide Squad, since Lobo is an anti-hero. Suicide Squad has significant buzz, especially after the new trailer, and will presumably be a massive success. If a sequel is developed, perhaps Lobo will be able to join the team or even serve as the villains’ villain. He’s got the smart mouth that Suicide Squad is using tonally, so this might be the best fit for the alien out of all the other DC projects.

As of now, the only concrete evidence is Danny Trejo’s tweet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the Lobo limbo continues.

Corey Chichizola
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