6 Walking Dead Characters Who Could Be In The Fear The Walking Dead Crossover

Abraham in his uniform jacket

NY Comic-Con was a pretty exciting one for fans of the Walking Dead franchise. Because in addition to a sneak peek from the upcoming eighth season, a mind blowing announcement was made. The Walking Dead and its spinoff Fear The Walking Dead are finally going to cross over. Madison and Rick aren't exactly meeting up though, as the crossover device will be utilized through the use of a shared character. Fans have been hoping for this type of an event since Fear The Walking Dead was first announced, and now the time has come to debate which character might be the one to close the gap between shows. There are quite a few options here, although the physical distance between the locations is so wide that we'll have to suspend our disbelief a bit.

Morales saying goodbye to Rick

Morales (The Walking Dead)

This is a character fans have been hoping to see return for years now. Morales was a major character in the first few episodes of The Walking Dead, making his debut appearance in the second episode ever. He was in the group's first mission back in Atlanta, and his wife and children were part of the original Atlanta group. When most of the group planned to head to the CDC at the end of Season 1, Morales and his family departed in hopes of finding their family in Birmingham. Because his whereabout are unknown, it's plausible that he could have continued west past Alabama, eventually to cross over with Madison's group on Fear The Walking Dead-- especially since they've left The Ranch.

Alex on the raft in Fear

Alex (Fear The Walking Dead)

Alex is someone with an interesting journey on The Walking Dead's spinoff. The character originated in the webseries that accompanied Season 1, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462. She was so well received that she actress Michelle Ang received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series that year. Alex and another character eventually showed up in Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, but Strand abandoned them to die at sea. She was saved and quickly joined a group of pirates, and we haven't seen her since her brief reappearance. Many fans were hoping that Alex would become a main member of the cast, and her reappearance on TWD would be an exciting event, however unlikely.

Jenner in his lab

Edwin Jenner (The Walking Dead)

Jenner is another old school Walking Dead character, who showed up in the final two episodes of Season 1. He's a scientist who worked at the Center of Disease Control, living his life in solitary after his wife died. He would eventually attempt to kill the original group of survivors after activating the CDC's self-destruct functions. Most of them got out, but Jacqui (and almost Andrea) stayed to die with the good doctor. Jenner's possible appearance on Fear The Walking Dead would have to be creative, possibly through communications with other CDC's or in some medical records. This would solve the problem of somehow having to transport one character across country for a crossover to occur.

Luciana looking through a fence in Fear The Walking Dead

Luciana (Fear The Walking Dead)

Luciana is one of Fear The Walking Dead's many loose ends. Unlike its predecessor, the spinoff has a habit of not actually killing off characters, instead having survivors willingly separate from each other (which is bananas). Luciana did just that in Season 3. After she arrived at The Ranch, she felt the hatred and ignorance from certain members of the community. This made her feel unsafe, and she eventually left Nick and the group behind. While she may show up sometime in the show's future, it would be way cooler to have her somehow travel across country and interact with the group at Alexandria. Once again, we'd have to seriously suspend our disbelief here.

Abraham in his uniform jacket

Abraham Ford (The Walking Dead)

This is actually my personal pick, and is one of the most logical choices for a potential crossover opportunity. Unlike the rest of the characters on this list, we know for a fact that Abraham traveled across country before we met him in Season 4. A flashback revealed him meeting Eugene in Austin, Texas, which is not terribly far from Madison's location in California. Plus, the timeline would probably add up, since Fear is years behind TWD. Actor Michael Cudlitz seems to even be teasing this possibility via social media, which has fans giddy at the possibility of seeing everyone's favorite redhead return to the apocalypse. Cudlitz told us here at CinemaBlend that he'd be happy to return to the series in any capacity, so the stars may be aligning perfectly.

Diane with her pickaxe

Diane (Fear The Walking Dead)

This is the wild card of the bunch, mostly because the character is so new to Fear The Walking Dead. Diane made her debut in the most recent episode, forming a friendly relationship with Alicia and kicking some serious zombie ass with her pick axe. Diane's philosophy is that she's better left alone, as its the only way to avoid seeing loved ones die in the apocalypse. If she doesn't end up forming a real bond with Alicia, perhaps her loner journey will take her across the country, and eventually at the gates of Alexandria. With so many communities currently in play on The Walking Dead, there are a myriad of unnamed survivors that she could already be apart of. Definitely a stretch, but we're in new territory here.

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