This Walking Dead Character Is Probably Coming Back

Fans of The Walking Dead not only get to worry about what characters may be facing death, but the moving-on narrative progression also offers audiences the chance to talk about left-behind characters that may be coming back. This discussion has come around to Morales, the Season 1 character played by Juan G. Pareja, who could possibly be returning to the Walking Dead universe, only as a part of the upcoming spinoff currently called Cobalt. Do these series have more than just the zombie apocalypse in common?

Rumors have been circulating for a while involving Morales’ possible return to The Walking Dead, though fans have been thinking that it’d be for Season 5, currently on winter hiatus. But the IMDb page for Cobalt currently lists Pareja as part of its cast, once again in the role of Morales. Now, IMDb isn’t the most dependable of sources, as some of their information goes uncorrected for months at a time, but this is a relatively new project, and his addition to the list is even more recent. Here’s a shot of it, just in case someone gets wise and pulls it.


Pareja played Morales for four episodes during the hit series’ first season, and then the character and his family split from Rick’s crew and went on their way to Alabama. Cobalt will reportedly take place in Los Angeles, which isn’t anywhere near easy walking or driving distance from Alabama. Still, Morales’ story could have easily veered onto a different course after he and Rick parted ways. As well, he had a walkie-talkie, same as Morgan, who has been seen tracking Rick’s crew throughout Season 5. This is how we’d get a crossover episode in a year or two.

The character was the rare survivor on this death-filled show, and Pareja is still tethered to the Morales, making appearances at various Walking Dead cast gatherings. He even started up the “#MoralesLives” tag on Twitter back in October during one of AMC’s marathons. The Walking Dead’s page used it at one point, and it still gets used on occasion.

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Of course, it’s almost impossible to tell what the truth is at this point, especially since producers have stated before that the two series wouldn’t share characters. And the plot, which centers on two families, already has most of its cast members, including cast for the series are Frank Dillane, Cliff Curtis and Alycia Debnam Carey. As well as Kim Dickens, who wasn’t even listed on IMDb, drawing further suspicion.

Do you guys think Morales is coming back?

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