First Look At Solomon Grundy In New Gotham Trailer

Gotham fans have been teased again and again with the news that Butch Gilzean would become Solomon Grundy in Season 4, and a new trailer for next week's episode has shown us it's finally happening. Get your first (and admittedly brief) look at Butch as Solomon Grundy below, and continue reading:

Solomon Grundy Gotham Fox

Was actor Drew Powell born on a Monday? Because despite its limited screentime, this Solomon Grundy interpretation is spot on! The gray skin, the suit, the white hair; everything that one typically associates with the ghoulish Batman foe is present in the two-second GIF above. It's a shame we don't see a full view of Grundy from the front in this promo, but it's also forgivable, considering we're less than a week out from the villain making his debut on Gotham. (One would think he'd have more swamp guck on his back, though.)

As for what's in store for Solomon Grundy when we see him, the tease for next week's episode states that he's going to run into none other than his old "pal" Edward Nygma. Now, given Ed and Butch's history, one would think this won't play out well for Riddler, but Grundy apparently doesn't remember anything from his past life as Butch Gilzean. Take that, and the fact that Nygma is working through some frost-driven brain damage of his own, and it sounds as though the two bypass the past and supposedly become buddies.

That's a pretty dangerous duo, assuming Nygma get his mind working right again, and Grundy shall be a great ally to have should he be on a warpath against Oswald Cobblepot for using him as a centerpiece in his club. (Although we're also willing to watch Drew Powell lay down some enigmatic raps, should Ed's riddle-creating still be limited.)

It remains to be seen how true to the comics this version of Solomon Grundy will be. The resurrection is part of the trick, but it's not like Butch is the first character to come back from the dead in Gotham. There's a possible hint Butch might be stronger as Solomon Grundy than he was previously, what with the camera shaking when he walks in the promo. That could also just be Fox getting fancy with its marketing, with Butch not actually being any stronger than he's been in the past, but this show has never gone for the less-is-more outlook. Check out the full preview below!

Gotham fans will get to see Solomon Grundy, as well as Bruce taking on Ras Al Ghul in a new episode airing on Fox on Thursday, October 19th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those who love Batman, but haven't been keeping up with Season 4 of the series, are definitely missing out, with Bruce swiftly moving down the path to Dark Knight-dom, and more and more villains showing up that comic fans have been waiting a long time to see. Read up on that or hop over to our fall premiere guide to find some other shows that are worth checking out over the next couple months.

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