One Game Of Thrones Character That Likely Won’t Show Up In Season 8

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Game of Thrones has introduced a vast number of characters over the years, and it has seemed every season like more and more newcomers emerge from the woodwork in Westeros. That said, there's only one season left, and only six episodes remain. If any new characters are going to debut, they won't have too much time to make an impression. Now, one actor has revealed a certain character that probably won't be turning up before the end of the series: Ser Davos' wife, Marya. Actor Liam Cunningham had this to say about Davos' wife:

I don't think it's going to happen. We've got six episodes left and we're ramping up to World War III in Westeros. The introduction of my fabulously beautiful wife, I'd imagine, is not going to be seen.

Marya Seaworth has been mentioned every once and a while on Game of Thrones in the years since Ser Davos debuted in Season 2, but she never appeared in the flesh. Davos has spoken kindly of her, and viewers have the impression that their relationship is one of the few healthy and functional marriages of the entire series, presumably because they were too lowborn for their marriage to have political implications. Davos was still a smuggler back when they were married.

For a character who has been off-screen for the series, Marya hasn't had an easy life. She lost sons at the Battle of Blackwater thanks to Tyrion and his wildfire, and Davos is in constant danger. If the poor woman does make an appearance on Game of Thrones, I hope it's in some sort of epilogue montage when Davos returns home, happy and healthy to his wife. Davos deserves a happily-ever-after with his wife.

The good news is that Marya probably not appearing in Season 8, according to Liam Cunningham in a chat with TV Guide, is that she probably won't die unless somebody mentions that the White Walkers somehow overran Davos' home with his wife and remaining kids. As long as she's off-screen and far from Team Dany and the Great War, she'll almost certainly survive.

Of course, we can't say at this point if Davos will even survive. Although he has managed to power through a lot of catastrophes that killed a lot of other people, even his luck might run out at some point. Now that the Great War is in motion, the show might not need as many hilarious one-liners being dropped, and Davos' death would definitely get plenty of fans worked up. We probably shouldn't rule out the prospect of Ser Davos biting the dust in Season 8.

Unfortunately, we probably won't know for a while yet. There's no word yet of when Season 8 will premiere, and HBO is going farther than ever to prevent spoilers. We'll likely have to wait and see. For a peek at what has been revealed about Season 8 to this point, check out our breakdown of what we know so far. If you're still in the market for fall TV shows, take a look at our fall TV guide.

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