See Alicia Silverstone Dressed Up As Clueless' Cher For Lip Sync Battle

Pop culture is constantly revisiting peak moments from the past, and for all the big movies and TV shows from the '90s that are getting remade, we still haven't seen the classic 1995 teen comedy Clueless making any waves for potential sequels or remakes. But fans can still rejoice, because Alicia Silverstone jumped back in time 22 years to wear one instantly recognizable Clueless outfit for an upcoming episode of Lip Sync Battle. Check it out!

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As if we could possibly look at Alicia Silverstone once again dressed in Cher Horowitz's signature yellow plaid outfit and not get butt crazy excited for her Lip Sync Battle debut. Silverstone appears to be frozen in time, and looks like she could very easily take part in a Clueless follow-up without the story needing to be take place two decades after the original feature. Not that Cher would still be wearing the same clothes more than a handful of times, but still.

As fabulous as it is to seeSilverstone back in Cher-mode, the sight of the image just makes us wonder what in the world she'll be performing on Lip Sync Battle. Will it be something from the actual Clueless soundtrack? Will we get to see the actress performing to Coolio's "Rollin' With My Homies," or perhaps a Radiohead track? Will any of her Clueless co-stars (such as Stacey Dash, Donald Faison or Paul Rudd) show up for surprise guest appearances? Fans will be wiggin' and buggin' if the show producers don't make that happen.

You can check out another shot of Alicia Silverstone below with mega-fan and Lip Sync Battle mainstay Chrissy Teigen.

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Lip Sync Battle often features contestants that have big projects on the horizon, and Alicia Silverstone will appear on the Spike series along with Mena Suvari, her co-star in the upcoming Paramount Network series American Woman, which is based on the real-life story of Real Housewives star Kyle Richards. Suvari is looking pretty snazzy in her red-and-black get-up seen in the picture above. Perhaps the color scheme is a nod to her rose-filled role in American Beauty? We're holding out hope for her to wear the cheerleader outfit from that Oscar-winning film, though not in the creepy way that Kevin Spacey's character liked it.

With Halloween right around the corner, we're bound to see some of the most ridiculous and occasionally awful costumes inspired by film and television. But what-everrrr, Alicia Silverstone has already basically won all the costume contests by returning to the most fan-beloved role of her career.

American Woman will make its debut on Paramount Network in early 2018, with Lip Sync Battle Season 4 premiering in January 2018, also on Paramount Network. In the meantime, check out everything still coming to the small screen in 2017 with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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