The Walking Dead has officially returned to the airwaves for Season 8, and the premiere made it quite clear that the all-out war between Negan and Rick's forces is only just beginning. Rick and Co. have every reason to do everything in their power to take out the Saviors, and the assault on the Sanctuary in the premiere almost certainly motivated Negan to seek some revenge. The stage is set for the possible returns of characters who are currently missing. Read on for our four picks of missing characters that just might return in Season 8!


Heath disappeared from The Walking Dead back in the Season 7 episode "Swear," which saw him team up with Tara for a supply run. The duo ran into a nasty horde of Walkers, and they were separated. Tara ended up in Oceanside and lived to return to Alexandria, but Heath was just gone when Tara went back to look for him. While his glasses were still there, he was nowhere to be found, and the only clue was a mysterious key card with "PPP" on it. Now, the real-life reason for Heath's sudden absence was that actor Corey Hawkins scored the lead role on Fox's short-lived 24 revival. The show never definitively settle what happened to him, and he could definitely make a comeback. Even if it's not in Season 8, it could certainly still be in the cards. Hawkins hasn't ruled it out.

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