Two And A Half Men's Jon Cryer Just Signed On For His Next Big Network TV Role

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For just over a duckie - ahem - a decade, CBS' Two and a Half Men put actor Jon Cryer in front of many millions of viewers, and while he's made a handful of appearances on other series since that sitcom ended, there's been a an all around Cryer-Dearth happening during primetime TV. But that might be coming to an end soon, as the comedy-friendly actor has signed on to play a lead in the in-development ABC pilot Losing It, which could be his next big era-spanning and Emmy-earning gig.

Losing It won't force Jon Cryer to stretch his performing muscles too much, as the project is right in line with everything else that ABC has put its comedic focus on: families. The potential series will center on three adult siblings who, along with their parents, are all going through different life-changing situations that cause each of them to, as the title hints, completely lose it. Someone is apparently losing a marriage, while another is suffering a loss of freedom, while somebody else may be losing their actual life. Dun-dun-dunnnnn. As you might have imagined, Cryer will be playing one of the aforementioned siblings, according to Variety.

On Losing It, Jon Cryer will be joining the previously announced actress Natalie Morales, known to fans of The Grinder and Parks and Recreation, for what would be his first regular small screen role since Two and a Half Men ended in 2015. If you recall seeing him show up elsewhere in the last two years, you wouldn't be considered crazy, as he reconnected with his former co-star Ashton Kutcher on the latter's Netflix comedy The Ranch. That wasn't his only Netflix gig, either, as Cryer also made an appearance on an episode of Maria Bamford's comedy Lady Dynamite. As well, he delighted fans of NCIS with a guest star stint as someone who saved Gibbs' life. But it's once again time for a weekly gig.

For its creator, Losing It has TV vet DJ Nash, who most recently created the short-lived NBC sitcom Truth Be Told, and before that was the creator of the short-lived comedy Growing Up Fisher. (There were other one-season shows that he worked on before that, too, including Traffic Light, which I loved so hard.) Something tells me this ABC Studios production won't be anything like Jon Cryer's last job, although I would love to see Charlie Sheen signing on to play the third sibling. I'd just warn DJ Nash to walk on eggshells for years afterward.

We might be waiting a while longer to hear about the fate of Losing It, so I suppose we shouldn't all start celebrating. What everyone can do, though, is head to our midseason premiere schedule to check out the shows that definitely are premiering in the near future.

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