Channing Tatum Pulled A Halloween Trick On His Daughter For Jimmy Kimmel Live, And It Didn't Go Well

At some point in the near-to-distant future, we might finally get to see Channing Tatum donning his Cajun accent for the standalone Gambit film, but before all that, we got to see what he would be like as a late night talk show host. Tatum took over as a guest host Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and since the Halloween season is one that the prank-happy Jimmy Kimmel loves to celebrate, it only makes sense that his stand-in would do the same. Check out how Tatum tricked his daughter into thinking he ate all her Halloween candy.

For years now, Jimmy Kimmel has been telling parents to pull this very trick on their kids to add some drama to the post-Halloween atmosphere, since there are few things worse in life to a child than the realization that all their hard-earned trick-or-treating candy has been eaten by someone else. But even the most hilarious videos centered on this trick, in which the children have full-on meltdowns, are still inherently bothersome for anyone with empathy coursing through their bodies. Especially parents who spend most of their time trying desperately to avoid such volcanic tantrums. But here, Channing Tatum's daughter Evie had the opposite reaction of a tearful fit, and it was kind of heartbreaking.

For this annual YouTube challenge, Channing Tatum showed his daughter Evie her empty Halloween candy bucket and said that he ate all her candy after offering a slight apology. Rather than going into a full-on freak-out, though, the young girl just whimpers and scoots over to her mother Jenna Tatum, who was filming it all. She hugs her mom's legs and buries her face in them while crying softly. I may or may not have had a big lip while watching.

Even when Channing Tatum pulls the metaphorical candy curtain back and reveals that he didn't actually eat all of her goodies, and that it was just a joke, she reacts in what is probably the most natural way a child could/should, simply saying, "That's not funny." All while wiping her tears away, too. Damn you, Jimmy Kimmel, for creating this soul-crushing prank!

So, while Evie Tatum might grow up with a giant (chocolate) chip on her shoulder for a trick like this, we're hoping she at least got to eat as much candy as she wanted after it happened. Nothing soaks up tears better than Reese's and Kit Kats.

Channing Tatum's daughter wasn't the only person who got fooled on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, either. After first trying the candy prank last year on his two-year-old daughter, Jimmy Kimmel himself got back in on the anti-fun by sending in a video of this year's attempt.

Ha! She was quite the trooper, even though it seemed like she might break down over the loss of her Swedish Fish.

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