What To Expect From Katee Sackhoff On The Flash

Katee Sackhoff

In this week's upcoming episode of The Flash, the superhero show is gaining one Katee Sackhoff, who will guest star as a new villain, Amunet Black. In the previous episode of The Flash, Caitlin Snow found a note on her door with a threatening message. That note has been revealed to be from Amunet Black, and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had nothing but praise for Sackhoff and what she does in the episode. According to him, fans are in for a real treat and might just get a very memorable sub-villain in Season 4.

When you meet her, you'll be like, 'Oh, yeah! That's who left that message! Katee Sackhoff is so amazing in the show. What she's done and the performance that she has brought to the character is so beyond anything you'd expect from her. I think people are really going to be delighted. She is most definitely not playing Starbuck.

At a recent episode screening that CinemaBlend attended, Andrew Kreisberg was hyping up the upcoming episode of The Flash, "Girls Night Out," wherein bachelor and bachelorette parties are thrown for Barry and Iris. While the boys go have "the worst night ever," the girls get thrown into a conflict between Killer Frost and Amunet Black. Fans of Katee Sackhoff shouldn't expect to see too much of Starbuck, her Battlestar Galactica character, in her performance on The Flash. Kreisberg said that she brought the character "so beyond" anything you'd expect from her, so get ready for a memorable villain to join the ranks of The Flash.

As for how Amunet Black, also known as the Blacksmith, fits into the picture, she plays into Caitlin's current storyline this season. It turns out that while Barry was trapped in the Speed Force, Killer Frost moonlighted by working for an underground black market for supervillains. Said black market is run by Amunet and she isn't happy that Caitlin bailed to go back to Team Flash. It's unknown if she has any connection to the main storyline involving the Thinker, but it sounds like another fun episode of The Flash all the same.

This season of The Flash is embracing the original fun of Season 1 and abandoning some of the darkness that weighed down the following seasons. The Thinker is the villain this time and the show has already experienced memorable episodes involving Elongated Man and a surprise pregnancy twist.

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