Peter Griffin Is Terrible At Stand-Up Comedy In Exclusive Family Guy Season 15 Deleted Scene

Family Guy's patriarch Peter Griffin has been guilty of blindly uttering some of TV's most lewd and crude jokes over its 15 seasons on Fox. All those jokes were made in just about every kind of situation imaginable -- from a Springfield trip to a galaxy far away -- but you might not immediately recall seeing Peter landing punchlines while performing at a comedy club. Until now, that is, thanks to the exclusive clip below from the upcoming Family Guy Season 15 DVD set coming out on Tuesday, November 7. Although maybe "thanks" isn't the appropriate word...

Yep. Yep. That's about what we'd have expected to see from Peter's traditional-for-the-1980s stand-up routine set in front of a spotlight-heavy brick wall: and by that I mean a purely genius observation about something we as modern citizens often just accept in our daily lives without talking about it enough. Elevators, right? They're magical. And the ones with the doors in both the front and the back? Don't get me started!

And he is so right about that thing that Starbucks does with names and cups, and the combining of the two in such a way that orders can be easily identified. We take so much of this new-fangled society for granted, failing to remind ourselves just how good we as stair-avoiding caffeine addicts have it. I mean, this is a digital clip from a DVD that you're watching online! Back when Family Guy first started airing in 1999, it would have taken roughly 22 minutes for the video to buffer.

I admittedly enjoy the conceit of Family Guy's memory-based cutaway gags with their legitimacy getting directly challenged by one of the main characters. In this case, the deleted scene from the behind-the-scenes spoof episode "Inside Family Guy" features Peter possibly misremembering that he did stand-up comedy at some point in his life/career. But if he didn't actually do that, then who did we see in that clip? Was it Peter's non-evil-but-just-slightly-more-lame Twin Peaks double? Was it a glimpse at another dimension where observational comedy still sounds like Seinfeld ripoffs 20 years after it aired? We're gonna need some answers here.

Family Guy has used stand-up in other forms in the past, with Peter's roast being one of the show's more memorable collections of in-jokes and insults. Nothing there was quite as dicey as Starbucks cups, but we can't all be winners.

Scratch that. Everyone's a winner when picking up a copy of Family Guy's Season 15 DVD set, which will be released on Tuesday, November 7. Fans can watch all 20 episodes, and 16 of those are completely uncensored, since everyone's day gets brighter when Stewie drops an F-bomb. Aside from that, the extras include deleted scenes (like the one seen above), and two special tributes to the iconic cast members Adam West and Carrie Fisher, who appeared in the most recent Family Guy episode.

Family Guy Season 15 hits stores on Tuesday, November 7. The show airs Sunday nights on Fox at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see what shows are yet to debut this year, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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