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From the same twisted minds who brought you Preacher, The Boys is officially on the way. Comic genius Garth Ennis is teaming up yet again with Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen to adapt another one of his works from Dynamite Entertainment for Amazon in 2019. This time, the group is enlisting the help of Supernatural creator Eric Kripke who will be serving as showrunner and writer for the eight-episode season that will start production in the spring. As for what The Boys is about, the series will follow a superpowered CIA task force that monitors an increasingly corrupt superhero community that has gotten too comfortable.

If the cover art from the picture above, and the fact that the guy who wrote Preacher thought up The Boys, didn't clue you in already, this series is going to get bloody. Things will also be raunchy, as storylines for the comic book ranged anywhere from superheroes obsessed with orifices to assassinating the President of the United States. When Garth Ennis first announced he was developing the comic, he promised it would "Out-Preacher, Preacher." If things are even slightly as crazy as Preacher making Adolf Hitler a sympathetic soul, we're in for a hell of a ride.

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